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Senior Mover Experts offers an extensive range of senior moving services tailored just for you or your special senior loved one. Experienced, compassionate and highly skilled Senior Moving Specialists provide free, comprehensive assessment to know your moving intentions and provide specialized services for each stage of your senior moving journey. Here’s what they offer:

Relax And Secure: One of the most important aspects of any Senior Moving and Packing process is ensuring that your belongings are transported safely and securely. The use of a professional, licensed, fully insured moving company ensures this critical aspect is met. A reputable moving company will carefully pack your belongings to the highest safety standards, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to ensure your possessions reach their destination without incident. The use of oversized trucks and properly trained employees ensures no belongings are damaged in the process of moving your senior family home.

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Relocation Assistance: When it comes time to relocate your family or when you need assistance with the move, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a licensed, fully insured professional. The use of an experienced, trustworthy mover can make all the difference in the world between a successful move and a devastating experience that leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Moving and packing companies specialize in providing professional relocation assistance. Some specialize in residential moves while others specialize in luxury moves that involve thousands of pounds of products moving across state lines. There are a move and packing company to meet every need.

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Assisted Living Facility Support: As you or anyone in your family begins to age, there comes a time when the need to remain independent and capable diminishes. It is at this time you may find yourself making the decision to join a senior moving company in order to retain your independence and remain in your own home. Senior movers offer a variety of services to address this concern including loading, unloading, unpacking, and stairlifts to name a few of the services they provide. Most assisted living facility’s board of directors will have the ability to assign movers to specific floors for your move depending on your needs. This board will also have the authority to approve or disapprove of specific services. Before hiring a company to assist in your move, consult with the senior members of your facility to ensure you are working with the most competent and JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc team available.

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Downtime: No matter how many times you plan ahead for moving day, unforeseen accidents always arise. This can be especially true when moving your senior family home. Unforeseen problems can arise in any part of the moving process, whether it be on the way to your new location or within the actual moving process itself. As unpredictable as life can be, having a reliable and honest moving company to handle your senior move can minimize the likelihood of any unforeseen complications. To minimize stress during your senior move, ask your moving company about their on-going health insurance and worker’s compensation program.

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Medical: Although most assisted living facilities are in good standing, it is recommended to confirm with your physician regarding your potential health problems that may be faced throughout your transition. It is best to have this information before beginning the hiring process for any assisted living or senior moving services. This can also be a good time to discuss the potential impact of your medical conditions upon your family members. It is not uncommon for a doctor to request additional testing once they have assessed your family members for medical concerns.

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Post- Moves Care: One of the most important tasks during the senior moving services is to make certain that your belongings are packed and securely stored prior to your move. This ensures that no damage or loss occurs during transportation. Make sure to pack all of your personal property in boxes that are clearly labeled and easy to locate. Securely pack blankets, pillows, bedding, clothing, and other valuables into larger storage units that are out of the way and will not be disturbed by your moving truck or your helper.

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These steps will ensure that your senior moving services include a comprehensive plan for the entire move. This plan should include a breakdown of your household furniture, a list of household items that will not be moved, a timeline for unloading your residence and moving truck, and a list of individuals that will be assigned to your relocation assistance. In addition, these plans will include security procedures that must be followed to ensure that your personal belongings do not get lost during your move. These plans are essential to having a smooth and easy senior relocation experience.