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Furniture Assembly is often confused with furniture movers or packers. While these companies do supply moving services, they are usually hired to assemble the items. They do not move the items for you. This leaves you to figure out how to put furniture together yourself, without hiring someone else to do so.

Furniture Assembly Cost Furniture assembly rates vary widely. At the high end of the range, the cost hovers well over $100 for an average-sized bed frame. These sorts of price differences can be due to the quality of materials used by manufacturers, or a combination of both. Quality, handcrafted goods command higher prices, while mass-produced goods are generally much cheaper.

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Quality vs. Price Another factor affecting furniture assembly pricing is the quality of construction. How long the pieces have been made will affect the final price you pay. The shorter the time the piece has been made, the more likely it is to break or become damaged during transport. If the item has been assembled for some time, then expect to pay more than a new item would for similar durability. Assembling longer pieces will mean that fewer flaws will show up in the finished product, so the final price will be higher.

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Furniture Assembling Meets Service Expectations When a store wants to offer the lowest prices on their purchased items, they may assemble just the bare essentials. Bedroom furniture ranges should include at least one dresser, but it’s nice if the company offers two feet and half shelves too. You want the store you purchase your item from to take care of the assembly and installation as well. Some stores are willing to assemble multiple pieces for you, but they may charge a bit more per piece. This doesn’t mean that you can’t assemble your own items; sometimes paying a little extra for an extra service makes it worth the extra cash.

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What Other Options Are Available? Many companies offer free delivery on selected items, or at a minimum an additional charge. While this is great if you need your furniture assembled right away, you may not always have this option. If you buy your next bed from a furniture assembler, be sure to inquire about other services. Some may have to order additional parts based on what you already have, depending on how extensive your set needs to be.

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Flat Rate Pricing Assembling Your Flat Bed Another benefit of buying your bed from a furniture assembler is the flat rate pricing. If you need your piece put together within one day, you’re likely going to pay the same price as you would if you hired someone to assemble it for you. Depending on the size of your bed, this could be anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars. Keep in mind that this includes the price of shipping. You’ll still need to cover your own labor costs to get the flat rate completed.

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How To Compare Furniture Assembly Hourly Rates Although the national average cost for hiring someone to assemble your furniture will be high, there are ways to lower the cost. For example, you can usually save money by shopping online. There are many furniture assembly websites that have daily, weekly, and monthly hourly rates available. This way, you can easily find the furniture assembly rate that will work for you based on when you need it and how many pieces you need to put together.

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How The Process Works: Most furniture assemblers charge by the hour. However, some will offer flat rate pricing too. Some companies may not charge a flat rate for their assembly services. This is because they figure their hourly rates by how long it will take them to assemble each piece of furniture. For instance, if they know it will take them eight hours to assemble a desk, then they won’t charge an hourly fee for that service. However, if they know it will only take them five hours to complete your project, then they will charge you by the flat rate.