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When it comes to moving your gun safe, you definitely want to plan properly, as moving a gun safe could be a very dangerous proposition if you do not plan. There are a few special tips to keep in mind when moving a gun safe and to minimize the risk of damage or injury to yourself while handling the move. The actual process only requires a few special tools and expertise but does work well for all semi-automatics lock gun safes. If you do decide to use an experienced moving company, make sure they have the proper tools for the job including dollies, racks, and safe boxes. All safe companies have moving equipment on hand but there are a few basic items that every moving company should have.

A dolly is the first important tool needed for gun safe moving tips. This piece of moving equipment allows one person to easily maneuver the safe from location to location. Racks are next, allowing the safe to be stored on a flat surface. It is important to find both racks and dollies that are specifically designed for gun safes and must meet the safety guidelines set forth by the National Gun Association and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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Once the necessary tools are in place, the actual gun safe moving tips start. The third and most important tip is to avoid putting the gun safe up on the counter or table while the movers are present. Many gun safe moving companies and individuals have been injured because of guns being accidentally placed on tables or counters. If possible, take the gun safely to a flat surface away from any moving machinery. Stairs should also be avoided during the move.

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Professional mover companies have security measures in place for guns that need to be moved. These include body detection and alarm systems. Employees at these companies are specially trained to know where guns are located and will immediately identify them if they are picked up by a person not authorized to pick up guns. Using a professional mover can make gun safe moving tips easier, since professional mover companies know how to protect the guns and other property when guns are moving.

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A gun safe move involves more than just the guns though. Moving the guns to the new location requires cranes, vans, trucks, and people. Any equipment that comes with the guns needs to be put away so the guns cannot be accessed by anyone except the new place. If these guns are in good condition and there are no broken pieces, then the gun safe movers should be able to get them into the new place without too much difficulty.

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The guns need to be secured in a cabinet or container before any of the moving companies start the move. This helps to ensure that no one gets to them and opens up the ammunition or other sensitive material that is contained within. Guns should also be stored securely so that nothing can be removed and accessed while the move is in progress. Using gun safe transportation services can make this task easy and ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

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Not all gun safe moving services are created equally. When choosing a company, you want to choose one that has long-standing history and experience in long-distance gun removals. They need to be able to handle anything from a very large moving truck to a single item. There are special long-distance trailers available, but for normal sized items, a standard transport vehicle will be sufficient.

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Ask the moving professionals what steps will be taken if the gun safe must stay in the truck while it is being moved. They should be able to make sure that the dolly that the safe will be placed on is sturdy enough to hold up to the weight. They may also be able to recommend another dolly that can be used to transport the item if the truck cannot be obtained. If you are unsure what the proper steps are, it is best to call other companies who offer this type of service to ask for advice.