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Do it yourself moving can be dangerous. If you are considering using an experienced, professional mover, make sure they have all of the proper moving equipment. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). Do they have a list of complaints against the company you are thinking of using. Ask yourself “Do I trust this moving company?” Here are some moving tips to help you decide how to move a gun safe:

What Is a Gun Safe? A gun safe is a special type of moving device that protects not only your handgun, but other valuable items stored in a gun safe, such as ammunition and records. To ensure that your guns are properly transported, gun safe transportation must go through a very thorough inspection by both the mover and the shipper. Gun safe transportation is usually done by licensed, bonded and insured movers.

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How To Move A Gun Safe The first step to gun safe transportation is to pick the date that you want the items moved. Then you’ll need to get a list of all of the movers in your area and arrange to meet them at their office. The best way to choose the right moving company is to do some homework and research on the internet before meeting them in person. You will want to discuss your needs with the moving company, in order to make sure that your needs are being met. For instance, some gun safes are equipped with a padlock, which will prevent anyone from going through the gun safe once it’s been left behind.

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Stairs Are A Moving Company’s Top priority When moving a safe from place to place, it’s important that the movers take stairs whenever possible. Guns can be extremely valuable, so it’s important that they are kept away from anyone who may use them illegally. If there is a gun safe that you don’t want to part with, then take stairs whenever you can. Moving a safe via stairs is usually the easiest way to move it, since it’s often much safer and more discreet than attempting to maneuver through the bushes or down the stairs themselves.

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Moving Your Guns The most important gun safe moving tips involve two things: the padlock and the padlocks on the stairway. When choosing a professional mover, ask for a list of security measures that the company takes to ensure that your guns are moving safely to their new home. Many movers already have an anti-theft system in place, and it’s important that you ask about what security measures they use. Moving your guns this way is usually less risky than having them stored in a home or business, especially if you use a professional mover.

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A gun safe can weigh several hundred pounds, so if the movers handling it are not fully licensed they can damage it during the move. You can avoid damage by choosing a moving company that has been licensed through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. A licensed relocation company should also have a bonding and insurance department, which will require the business to undergo background checks. Any company that is not properly bonded will not have insurance to pay for your belongings in the event that they are damaged during transit.

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One of the more common gun safe moving tips involves renting a vehicle. Professional mover companies that specialize in moving firearms understand how difficult it can be to get into a truck. Some people will try to sneak past the guards by driving a large truck, but this is often easier to do if you rent a vehicle. It’s also much safer to have the vehicle equipped with tracking devices, alarms, and the proper gear. Moving the safe using regular trucks or vans is a good way to get into the truck and avoid some of these potential complications.

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Moving a gun safe requires a little bit of work. It’s important that the professional gun safe movers use proper gear and practice safety when transporting firearms. Moving a gun from state to state is not only time consuming, but expensive. There are many different local gun safe moving services available to ensure the process goes smoothly and thoroughly. Contact local gun safe mover companies to discuss long-distance gun safe transportation options and how to safely transport firearms.