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The average price for furniture assembly nowadays is anywhere from one hundred to five hundred dollars, but prices can go much higher or lower, depending on how many things you have to have put together. If you don’t have a lot of things to assemble, you can save quite a bit by buying used. While the price may be a bit higher than if you bought new, you will get to avoid paying taxes and sales tax. Plus, you won’t have to haul a big van around with all of your stuff in it.

Choosing a company to hire to assemble your pieces of furniture means making sure they are properly licensed and insured. A licensed assembler will have all of the necessary certifications and licenses to ensure they are knowledgeable and safe. A good assembler will be able to quote you an estimate without any obligation. The best assemblers have been assembled thousands of times and have a reputation for giving customers the highest quality of work. To ensure you are not ripped off, ask a lot of questions when shopping around for a furniture assembly professional.

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Ask about disassembly services. Some companies only do disassembly at the request of individual clients. This means that if you order furniture assembly, and you want it delivered to you in a box, you will have to pay the extra fee to have the item shipped in its original box. Furniture movers will often include disassembly services in the total price of the furniture assembly.

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Get your new furniture assembly instructions with each purchase. Some companies offer online instruction manuals and DVD video tutorials. If you choose to assemble your new pieces on your own, you must thoroughly read and understand all instructions. Not following instructions can lead to faulty pieces and damaged furniture.

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Make sure you use proper packing materials when moving your furniture assembly. Unpack your items one at a time and make sure you wrap each item individually. Wrap your items securely so they don’t break or move while being moved.

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Furniture movers will not charge you for an hourly rate unless you hire their in-house crew. An hourly rate is based on how long it takes to assemble a particular piece. If you decide to use the in-house crew, the furniture assembly service may charge you by the hour. If you decide to rent equipment from the equipment rental company, they may also charge you an hourly rate.

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Furniture assemblers will give you several different price ranges for the labor costs of their service. The actual hourly rate can vary widely depending on how fast or slow the furniture assembly takes. The flat rate is the average cost of using the service and includes all labor costs associated with that particular job.

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Furniture manufacturers usually set the hourly rate that furniture assembly services charge. They set this rate so that you do not have to pay more than fifteen or twenty dollars an hour for putting together your furniture. If you are assembling any kind of furniture, you should know that putting together any piece of furniture will take time. Your flat rate may include only the labor costs for putting together one project or it may include a large amount of time. Some assembly services charge an extra flat fee if you need to be charged for extra materials because you overloaded a given project.