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The road to successful business relocation begins with establishing goals. The second step on that path is to determine what those goals are. Why do you want to move to a new office? Why do you want to move across the country? You must have an accurate idea of what is motivating you to move, so that you can move to a new location and be successful in a different international economy.

The third step in business relocation is making contacts. Contacting your own company and your business community is imperative. Contact each individual company and business leaders to get a sense of their current practices and needs. In addition, consider contacting a local trade association that represents multiple businesses in your local industry. These individuals represent the majority of the local business community.

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The fourth step in business relocation is ensuring your company complies with all of the necessary laws. It is essential to know whether or not your belongings will be covered during any travel. It is also important to find out if your belongings are allowed through any customs processes. In addition, it is crucial to consider any expatriate living restrictions before moving your employees or families to a new location. You should also contact local, state, and federal agencies to confirm these important aspects of your business relocation.

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The fifth most important area of your business relocation is marketing your relocation. While every business relocation company has its own unique marketing strategy, it is important to explore the many ways to attract customers and potential employees. In addition, developing a strong public relations strategy is essential for a successful business relocation. Your reputation in your local community is extremely important when relocating to another location.

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Many businesses have successfully relocated from one state to another. However, there are many obstacles that can prevent a business relocation. If your company has relocated to a new state, finding office space, building, and other equipment may prove to be difficult and expensive. Furthermore, if you have been forced to move because of economic conditions, the cost of moving and establishing a new office may even exceed the value of your items.

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There are also many aspects of your operations that are affected by business moves such as labor and medical needs. As your employees begin their new jobs, they may face new responsibilities that were not considered during your last move. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with your employee’s union and the State Bar Association to ensure these issues are taken care of.

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The sixth and seventh most important aspects of a business relocation are addressing the welfare of your employees and their families. During a move, your employees are often subject to dangerous circumstances and the emotional health of your employees and family is often put at risk. Insurance protection is essential in case of injuries as well as other unforeseen losses, such as loss of income due to lower wages when a business relocate. The State Bar Association can provide you with a list of lawyers who specialize in employment law and worker’s compensation for any area in which you are making a move.

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The final two most important aspects to a successful business relocation are ensuring your belongings and inventory are appropriately packed and transferred to your new location. Insurance protection is essential should anything happen to your belongings during the move. Additionally, if you are moving across state lines, you need to determine whether there are any additional laws or regulations that will affect your move. These regulations are in place to protect your rights and to protect your belongings. It is important to consult with your Union rep and the State Bar Association when relocating, as well as any other professionals you might hire during the move. Business relocating can be extremely stressful and time consuming, but it can be done safely with the proper precautions.