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Moving guns can be dangerous – as any gun owner who has had to deal with an angry child or pet knows. Moving guns safely and securely is vital. If you’re moving small, easily maneuverable items like breakable jewelry or buttons, keep these JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc tips in mind. Remember: gun safes are not toys. They must be treated as a serious investment.

Hire a Gun Safe Moving Company Before You Do It If you have a light, easily moved gun safe to transport, or you’re moving a larger, more heavy-duty gun safe than probably would fit into your truck or SUV, you’ll have to hire a professional gun safe mover to transport it for you. Just like with any other large or awkward items, gun safes can be difficult, if not downright dangerous to move alone. Properly Moving A Gun Safe Moving experts know exactly how to move gun safes safely and securely – they already know the ins and outs of securing them in and out of small or large trucks, and they understand how to move a gun safe between vehicles.

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Ask Questions – Do your research! Don’t feel rushed or pressured when contacting moving company representatives. Make sure the company is licensed and insured. Find out what kind of insurance the company has. Be sure to call the licensing board if you plan on shipping guns through a carrier, and ask about licensing verification.

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Find Out About The Moving Company – Find out how long the professional moving company has been in business. How many guns are they currently moving? What safety measures are in place to keep your gun safe during transport? Are they using proper firearms containers that are safe and secure? Ask about the movers’ experience in gun safe move and how many guns they currently move per day.

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Find Out About The Specialists – Look into the moving services that will be handling your gun safe. Are they experts in lifting safe and storing them? Are they skilled with lifting the safe by hand? Are they experienced with loading and unloading the safe, both using heavy duty truck equipment?

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Ask About The Specialists – Once you’ve found the professional moving company that seems to be right for you, ask questions. Do they offer emergency service? If you own a home, do they have a plan for how you will be notified if your gun safe breaks down or gets lost? How long have they been in business?

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Gun Safe Moving – When you call a professional gun safe transportation company, make sure they have plenty of storage options available. Moving your safe should be done with care and security. If you don’t have an extra crate for it, ask the moving company how many they can handle for the move. Ask if they can have it delivered or need to come pick it up. Do they provide refrigeration units and how long does it take to get your guns cooled off after loading? Make sure the moving company is insured and has proper liability insurance.

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There are many factors involved when it comes to using site protection while transporting guns. If you choose gun safe moving services, make sure you know what is involved and how to move a gun safe safely. Never leave heavy items on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Always call for emergency service as soon as you know something is wrong and ensure your safety. Remember, gun safes are made to keep your valuables safe.