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In 1967, Stevens Moving & Storage was formed to assure you that you had a secure and safe moving experience no matter where you moved. They offer nationwide coverage. Whether you are moving across the country or across the county, they have a nationwide moving team that is ready to help. They also offer non-nationwide coverage for items larger than 25 cubic feet. Here are a few tips on how to move a gun safe.

Follow all federal and local laws for transporting a firearm. States have differing regulations so it is best to check with the federal and state agencies. They have specific locations for guns when they are moving and will specify the times that they are available to be transported. Most large commercial trucks are not equipped with guns so it may be necessary to hire a moving company with heavy-duty gun safes. Moving experts at Stevens Moving & Storage can help with any type of moving situation.

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One of the most important steps in how to move a gun safe is to follow all local regulations. The safest way to transport firearms is on flatbed trailers, especially if you are transporting heavy items. You need to be sure that there are no stairs or other narrow passageways that will get the gun or ammunition to the truck. Always use a rear door whenever possible. This makes it safer for anyone who might be in the way when you are loading or transporting.

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Another one of the many gun safe moving tips is to never leave state bars, schools or any other areas that require a concealed weapon within easy access. Even though the law does not require it, many individuals do. If you must bring your weapon through these types of places, you must use an established method for transporting them that is out in public. Gun safe movers make this process easier because they can offer discreet transportation for your guns.

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Probably one of the most important gun safe moving tips involves answering all of the questions from the customer before the move begins. Find out if the customer has any questions regarding the gun safe itself, how the gun safe will be transported and whether they need to provide documentation about the items that they are storing. Do not attempt to hide any documentation for fear that the customer will think the company is trying to conceal something illegal. In addition, certified movers provide a much safer option than trying to sneak around the problem by asking the customer to sign a form.

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Moving gun safes can easily weigh several pounds. It is best to provide for this when weighing the product because over-loading a safe can cause damage to the metal or plastic that may be inside. Most safe-moving companies make sure their clients know how to move a gun safe safely so that they do not cause damage or incur liabilities. Some of these companies even have specially designed trucks with hoists and lifting equipment so that they can easily lift and transport a gun safe without damage or malfunction. If you want to make sure your gun is properly transported, you should always recommend that your trusted company provides you with an experienced professional.

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A second important gun safe moving tip includes checking for damage after the movers load the items. This is very important for several reasons. First of all, you do not want anyone to be injured while trying to lift the gun safe up and down stairs or ladders. This is especially important if the gun safe is being transported via a stairwell or a ramp. There is always a chance of damage if the movers do not carefully check the area where the gun safe will be stored and moved to.

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The last gun safe moving tip concerns using a dolly in order to transport the safe. Many movers recommend using a dolly because it is the easiest way to move a heavy object up and down stairs and ladders. Using a dolly also helps protect the other equipment and furniture from damage during transportation. The dolly is also useful for people who are not skilled at moving large objects. If you are using your own dolly, you should always ask someone at the moving company which items of your dolly are safe to move around.