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During the time that my husband became ill and we had to make some very difficult decisions regarding our senior family members’ moving and senior assisted living needs, we were faced with some difficult choices regarding our moving and packing needs. We ended up hiring four moving companies and a packing company, we also had to hire two full-time mover and two part-time movers. With my husband’s illness, we ended up needing around eight people to help us move our belongings in an efficient and safe manner. Ultimately we ended up with a full-service moving and packing company that cost us well over seven hundred dollars per week.

When we tried to do our own moving and packing, it took us more than four months to complete the job. In the end we spent close to four thousand dollars, which was more than we would have paid for four individual moving companies, plus our moving and packing supplies. Fortunately, there are many professional movers and packing services that provide their clients with effective, timely, convenient, and affordable services. So, what went wrong? Why did our new home turn out to be a lot harder to sell than we initially thought?

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The short answer is that we underestimated the complexity of our situation. In fact, the most important issue we overlooked was our trust issues with our senior move managers. Our trusted moving services provided amazingly effective customer service, but we still needed to learn how to effectively communicate with them. Many seniors are extremely busy and they don’t like feeling as if they are being taken for a ride. Our experience showed that our moving and packing services were constantly taking care of us, but we underestimated how much our trust would be lowered by their total lack of communication.

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What happened? We had two full weekends to move our belongings into our new home. Although our family members provided most of the physical support, we were relying on our moving companies too much. There were times when our movers could not get the job done. There were times when our family members were not around because they fell ill. And there were times when we couldn’t schedule a pick-up because our senior moving services were closed for the week.

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Throughout this entire ordeal, we never discussed how much our belongings would be weighing down our precious belongings. Our moving company provided moving estimates, but they did not include how many of our belongings would be weighing down the truck. We learned later that this number was inaccurate. Many movers and packing services do not adequately outline how much weight they can reasonably move a given load. It is vital that you discuss with your senior moving services exactly how much of your belongings that they are capable of moving with your vehicle.

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The result of this lack of communication was that our senior moving services lost a potential revenue source. They were making all of our calls and taking our signatures on all of our moving documents – but they were not making a weight allowance guarantee. That was the responsibility of each individual moving company. It never occurred to us to ask what the weight limitations were for our senior moving service.

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After all of our talk about how important it was to ensure that we were making the right moves, we started talking about the bigger picture. Since we had already been moving for many years, my husband and I had developed a pretty good relationship with our senior moving service. We knew that their service was experienced and professional. We didn’t think of them as people who needed to be moved. And we certainly did not view them as better movers than we had previously thought of ourselves!

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Because we felt confident that our senior moving services understood what we needed, we decided to start using them again. And not only did our move go much smoother, but my husband began to get a better feel for the other senior moving services that we use. He is now in the process of finding a new senior moving company that we can rely on moving forward. It’s good to know that there are other seniors out there who have a sense of urgency when it comes to finding a new home!