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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving companies to compare rates. Find out each business is strong points to select the right one for your unique situation. Evaluate how much of a move you can handle on your own and ask for estimates based on your unique situation. Make sure you have a contract in place before any moving and packing begins. The contract should cover all of your moving and packing needs. Make sure nothing is left out and that all of the terms are clearly defined before signing.

If you need help deciding what senior moving companies to use, contact the National Association of Home Relocation Professionals. NAR provides valuable information about senior moves, including the most cost-effective routes and the most time-efficient strategies for relocation for older adults. Use the tools available on this website to plan a move with confidence, knowing you will be working with the experts.

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When it comes to downsizing, be careful to protect your equity. In many instances, companies that provide senior moving service companies will also handle the sell of your home when you are not moving. This is an excellent option for seniors who are not looking to downsize, but rather, are looking to keep their homes. It can also help you sell your home faster if you do not have to exert additional effort to list it.

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Once you have signed a contract with a reputable senior relocation company, they should provide you with professional packing and moving boxes. Professional packing and moving boxes are an absolute must when you are downsizing or moving to a smaller area. Not only do professional boxes provide a more secure home to move into, but they also make unpacking a breeze. Once you have signed the contract with a moving company, you should immediately request boxes from their stock. The sooner you receive them, the sooner you will be able to start enjoying the home you have just moved into.

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Another excellent way to ensure that your senior movers do a better business is by signing up with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau’s website includes a comprehensive list of companies that are licensed to do business in your area. Many seniors fail to report complaints due to embarrassment or fear of relocating or being turned over to the general moving service because they were unaware of the laws surrounding such acts. By reporting your worries to the Better Business Bureau, you will be better informed about your options and which company to turn to for assistance with your next senior move.

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Finally, make sure you work with a company that employs competent workers. You should never accept the first team you meet with or the first quote you receive. Instead, compare quotes from at least three different senior moving services and select those that offer a reasonable estimate coupled with an excellent service. Ask for specific details regarding the kinds of moving equipment they use and ask whether they provide detailed information on how their employees conduct their moves. If you feel uncomfortable about the answers you receive, it may be best to look for a different senior moving service.

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As a resident of an assisted living, you will be required to move on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to work with a company that offers flexible terms so you can plan for frequent senior moving services. For example, if you need to move more frequently in the future, you should be given the option to upgrade your insurance coverage. It is always better to have peace of mind when making your senior moving arrangements than to face major stress later.

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It is also a good idea to research any fees associated with flat fee senior relocation services. Some companies charge a flat fee for their services regardless of the size of the move. Flat fee movers will often quote an hourly rate plus a one-time service charge for larger residential or commercial moves. They will not, however, offer this same service when you are moving in with a home that they are leasing. Also, flat fee companies do not provide storage and packing services. Before making any decisions, make sure you know what the exact costs will be and evaluate whether they are within your budget.