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Furniture assembly can be a very time-consuming job, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Most jobs involving furniture assembly do not require any particular skill. Even people with limited skills and experience can put furniture together with the correct tools. Here are five simple ways you can put furniture together without the help of professionals:

The national average price for furniture assembly per job is around $120, but costs can range significantly from $600 to over $1800, depending upon the quantity of items involved. For instance, if you are putting together a chair, you may pay only the labor costs, which include materials, equipment and labor. The rest, such as shipping and handling, can be paid by the assembler. If shipping charges are included in the price, they may be applicable only for the part of the job that is being assembled. It is wise to have your assembler provide you with all the necessary information regarding the shipping charges, to avoid these hidden costs.

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Furniture assemblers must keep in mind that the bigger the piece being assembled, the more it will cost to cut and trim. So before starting work, plan how long each item will take to be assembled, and make sure this includes both length and width. A common mistake among home furniture assembly workers is to cut corners when buying materials. Cutting corners when buying materials can cause damage to expensive flat packs and cause injury to the person assembling them. To avoid wasting money and cause damage to flat packs, always buy the flat pack that the manufacturer recommends.

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If saving money is important to you, disassembled furniture assembly can be done in three ways. The least expensive way is to do the assembly at home, and ship all the pieces to a local movers. If the local movers cannot deliver your pieces in a timely manner, some companies will drop ship for free. The benefit of local movers is that if there is damage to one of the pieces, it can be easily fixed at no cost.

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Most furniture assemblers charge hourly rates. This hourly rate can be broken down into the labor cost, the raw materials cost and the charge for disassembling the item. You should take into account any other hidden costs such as delivery charges or taxes. The rule of thumb is the more the disassembling of an item, the higher the hourly rate. For example, if a chair disassembled would cost fifty cents per hour, you would need to disassemble thirty-five hundred chairs to charge the equivalent of one hour of labor. Calculate the labor cost over the number of hours in which you will assemble the item.

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The cost of shipping varies with each company. Some companies offer flat pack fitters who will come to your location and assemble your items for a fee. Some furniture assembly companies offer this service for free with purchase. A flat pack fitter will generally be able to fit larger items than your average individual.

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It is imperative that the furniture assembly company that you choose is experienced in the assembling of both large and small items. Power tools are required for assembly of furniture items. The company should have a good supply of high quality power tools. One way to determine the quality of a company’s power tools is to request for a free estimate. When the estimate is provided, request an estimate on the assembly of the item. The higher the estimate, the better quality of the power tools.

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Assembly or disassembly of office furniture requires the right tools, proper training, and the ability to follow a detailed instruction set. Furniture assemblers who work for a company that has experience in the assembly or disassembly of cabinets should be considered for hire. If the company does not have experience or training, it is likely that the individual would make errors during the installation or disassembly process. If an error occurs during installation or disassembly of the item, the company may have liability issues if the item is released from its shipping container. These types of accidents could result in lost time, financial loss, or injury to a third party.