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Usually, the last thing to think about when relocating a refrigerator is packing, the heavy flat-shaped bed has to be dismantled, disassembled, and put carefully in a moving truck. But moving your bed to your new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Here, discover tips to make the move as simple and stress-free.

Know the size of your appliances and household goods when relocating a mattress. You will need to pack at least two furniture pieces plus two to three boxes to carry things such as your mattress, box springs, blankets, pillows, sheets, quilts, and other bed linens. Calculate the size of your appliances to be transported and then add two to three feet for the space occupied by all your belongings. As a general rule, you can save up to fifteen percent of space by transporting mattresses and related items in moving vans rather than in conventional flatbed trucks. This is especially true if you choose self-loading flatbed moving vans instead of full-load vans.

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Decide whether you will need ratchet straps or handles to assist with the mattress’s transportation. Mattress wheels and the bed frame can come without ratchet straps or handles. If you do not find these accessories in the package, look for them separately while ordering your mattress. Ask movers to quote you on the cost of these additional accessories.

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Movers will offer you several options for transportation and delivery of your mattresses, so you should ask questions to get the most reliable estimate. You may also want to know how many trips the mattress moving company makes in a day and at what expense. Some companies offer free delivery and assembly of your mattress if you pay an additional fee.

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Do not overlook the price of having the mattress picked up from your home. Some movers will charge you only for the transport of mattresses, while others will include this service in their charge. Before you agree to this service, make sure you understand all the costs involved. Find out if the company will cover the cost of gas for the truck used to bring your mattresses to the new location as well as any other expenses for use of the truck and delivery time.

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One of the main factors that can increase the price of your mattress moving house transaction is the distance between your home and the new mattress location. If you are moving house a long distance, consult the mover about your plan for relocating the mattresses. It might be worthwhile to bring old furniture along to shorten the distance. Otherwise, you might need portable storage equipment for storing the mattresses until the move. You may also need portable storage buildings for storing the moving and unpacking the mattresses when the process is complete.

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Ask the movers to help you unpack all your mattresses prior to the move. This can save you time and make the move easier. Many movers will offer to help with this chore as part of a package deal. Otherwise, they will charge extra fees for helping. It is a good idea to double check with the company about how many mattresses they will help move at one time.

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The price of Mattress Moving House is based on a number of factors. These include weight of the mattresses and the distance moved, how many mattresses are being moved, and the type of mattress being carried. You should know these things ahead of time so you do not have any surprises upon arrival at your new location. Knowing these details ahead of time will help you choose a reputable moving company that will carry mattress for the trip and make the move as easy and stress-free.

Crestwood Mattress Moving
Crestwood Mattress Moving
Crestwood Mattress Moving