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Contact today and talk with a moving consultant for tips on how to move a gun safe safely. The experts at Removals Experts have for 21 years of storage and moving experience to help you move any kind of safe and secure. They offer moving advice, storage tips and guidelines, and even help you find a trusted and reliable local moving company. They will provide you with the best advice and options available to safely pack and transport your items in an efficient, timely and safe manner.

How to move a gun safe? The experts recommend never packing anything heavier than what is stated on the box. For example, if a box says it is safe for handguns, only handbags or furniture can be packed that size. Also, never drive a flatbed truck or any other type of oversized vehicle while packing items like guns in. Always use a flatbed car or truck for gun safe moving and storage.

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If you have to use a flatbed car, the Removals Experts suggest only using the interior compartments. This is to prevent anyone from getting the gun safe onto the floor of the car while transporting it. When moving a heavy item, especially one as large as a handgun, it is especially important not to overload the vehicle. It can take up to four people to properly pack and transport a heavy item, so use your best judgment when considering what extra people you need to load onto a vehicle. For example, many local gun safe movers recommend that a firearms enthusiast be loaded onto a vehicle similar to a semi tractor, so extra people can watch them and spot them at all times.

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In addition, the Removals Experts advise gun safe owners to keep in mind that the storage container must be bolted down to the ground and locked. Even though transporting unloaded firearms may seem safer than packing them in a flatbed truck, the potential for damage is greater when transporting firearms this way. Never leave a heavy object on a flatbed car or truck, so always use a locking gun safe or storage container.

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Another of our gun safe moving tips is to stick with moving experts that are licensed and reputable. Most gun stores and the ammo dealers are adequate, but there are some specialty stores and companies who specialize in the transportation of high-grade firearms. Always make sure that your chosen moving company has a license and is registered with the proper authority. Then, check their reputation by reading online reviews and asking people who have moved with them for advice.

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There are gun safe moving services that only provide non-licensed, non-military trained personnel as well. These are professionals who will help load and unload your firearms, as well as assist with any local paperwork. Because licensed military men are exempt from federal firearms licensing laws, these types of relocating companies will not have access to the classifieds to list military personnel and will probably charge a higher fee. Still, they may be able to provide slightly cheaper moving services if you are only looking to move one firearm and you do not need any additional security features.

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In addition, licensed gun safe moving companies generally carry a full inventory of all of the various sizes and types of gun safes that are available on the market today. This means that they will know the exact size and weight of each gun safe that they carry which will cut down on the time it takes for them to deliver your items. Also, it means that they will know the brands, and which ones to avoid in order to save both time and money. Some gun safes can easily hold a thousand firearms, while others can only hold six or seven firearms. It is important to choose a moving company that can accommodate the gun safe you are storing securely.

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Finally, local gun safe moving services will be experienced at loading and unloading your firearms safely and securely. They will know how much weight each type of safe can handle safely without breaking down. They should also have a staff of qualified individuals on hand that can quickly identify the position of any missing pieces, and how to get them back into place. Armed with this knowledge, you can relax when transporting your firearms to and from the local gun safe storage facility. As long as the local gun safe movers have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep your valuables in the safest possible condition, you can trust that your valuable possessions will arrive safely at your new home. Ask for references from previous customers and check them out carefully before making your final decision.