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Business relocations are never easy. Relocation may be from one location to another, or from one city to another. There are many aspects that need to be considered and managed prior to moving your company’s offices and commercial facilities from one city to another. Hiring professional, established and dependable commercial moving company to move your office and commercial property to a new office or city is an important prerequisite to successful business relocation. However, if you wish to arrange the whole procedure in a professional and time-effective manner, then you could do it all by yourself.

It will not add to your expenses and save precious time to hire experienced and professional commercial moving companies. To make your relocation a hassle-free affair, it is important to plan every phase of the move yourself. Here are few steps that you should take to manage every aspect of business relocation:

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Know the Budget Prior to the move: It is important to know the budget before anything else. Make a budget and stick to it throughout the process of business relocation to ensure that you don’t get into unexpected expenses. You should also make a list of items which will require packing and storage services and must be paid beforehand. This list will help you make proper use of your commercial moving services and your packing companies will understand all the requirements related to your move.

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Contact the Office Administrator of Your Current Office Location: You should contact your current office administrator to inquire about the procedure for relocation and to make the necessary arrangements. The administrator will provide you with information related to shifting your office to the new location. Then you can discuss the whole project with them and finalize all the details. Hire professional commercial moving company to pack your office belongings properly and safely and move them to the new office location.

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Establish a Web Portal: If the relocation process runs smoothly, you should have an online portal where people can view all your files and monitor the progress of the relocation from remote locations. In this portal, people can keep a track of the packing status of their belongings and can track the progress of the project. With the portal, the employees will start to feel more connected and they will feel that they are part of the relocation process. This is a great advantage of this process and employees will enjoy using this portal, which will provide them with motivation to work more and complete the relocation in the desired manner. Besides this, the portal will provide a great detail about the cost and delivery time.

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Arrange for Office Equipment and Furniture: After your relocation, it is very important to arrange all your office equipment and furniture in the right places. It is better to store office equipment and furniture in a garage instead of putting them in your current office space. This is because if the equipment should break down in your new office space, it will be difficult to find a proper place for repair. You should also hire a professional moving company so that you do not waste your precious time arranging your things. If you are moving to a smaller locality or a new campus, you should make sure that you move all your heavy office equipment and furniture in smaller vans or bigger trucks. This will help you to save fuel expenses and will increase the chances of your equipment lasting longer.

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Work on New Hire: When you are relocating, it is better to hire a moving company as it will be a good idea to work with professionals. The moving company will help you move all your personal belongings and valuable documents in a safe manner. All important files and important documents should be arranged properly in proper folders so that no piece of paper can be lost. You should also request the moving company to provide security during the move. They should use heavy duty packaging material and secure boxes so that the moving process will be successful.

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Consider Office Moving Quote: Before hiring the services of any relocating company or an office relocation specialist, it is wise to look at several office relocation quotes. This will help you to compare the costs and quality of the services before proceeding with the move. You can get the quotes from different companies that offer these services at different locations. In case you feel that you need to move your entire work-related personal and office belongings yourself, then you should opt for self-service move. However, if you prefer to get the packing done by professionals, then it is better to hire office relocation service.