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Whether gun owners have a pistol, rifle or both there are some basic steps that must be followed when it comes time to move the gun safe. Moving Tips If you need help with the basic steps on how to move a gun safe here are some suggestions that may help: Hire a professional Moving Company – This is the best way to go. You can find licensed movers who know how to move a gun safe on a professional level, or you may learn the tips from the experts.

Get estimates – Get several estimates before you choose a professional moving company. There are many factors that come into play when you’re choosing a professional mover. Correctly moving a gun safe will take some specialized tools and training but will also work with most any heavy safes. Always recommend to potential movers that you leave the entire moving of heavy-duty gun safe safes and others to the pros, but if at all possible…MOVE A SEMI-MEDICED Pistol Safe

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Get the Right Equipment – For this how to move a gun safe move you’ll need the right equipment. You want a gun safe that can withstand the rigors of what is often referred to as “the drop”. This is when the gun can come crashing down through the floorboards of your storage room or other area. You don’t want any damage to occur to any of the internal components of the safe. If you choose an experienced moving company they should be able to provide you with the specific recommendations for gun safe equipment that best suits your needs.

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It’s not just moving your guns around that is important but safety is just as crucial. This is why you want to choose a company with experience in gun safe moving so that nothing is overlooked. Gun safes can be quite heavy and need special equipment to lift them. You definitely want a specialist moving company that has a reputation for making it look easy.

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Don’t Hire New Movers – When you have guns in any quantity or sizes they are going to take up quite a bit of space. Trying to pack them into your new place isn’t a smart move. Hiring experienced gun safe movers isn’t a bad idea but don’t go the route of hiring just any company. Make sure you hire ones with a good reputation for excellent service and only those with local contacts in the area. This way they’ll know exactly where to pick up and drop off your firearms.

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Find Local Companies – Don’t rely just on a nationwide moving company. It makes no sense at all because the laws governing gun safe relocation are very different in every state. There are local gun safe movers in every city and town but you have to find them. Look on the internet and find a couple of moving companies that have local contacts. Now you can call each and schedule an appointment to get your firearms moved safely and securely.

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Get the Right Dolly – A gun safe is typically made from steel but some are made from plastic as well. You need to make sure that whichever type you purchase is strong enough to handle the weight of both your handguns and ammunition. A good quality dolly is essential as it helps to ensure that nothing will accidentally go in between the safe and your belongings. Some safes can be very flimsy which means that they could easily be punctured. Make sure the dolly you select is made from strong material.

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Use Proper Equipment – Gun safety is absolutely critical and using proper equipment during a gun safe relocation is essential. You can use your own dolly or you can hire one from a moving company. A dolly provides you with much more room to move your belongings safely and securely. Also, it’s possible to hire movers who already own the dollies they will be using during your gun safe relocation. This makes things extremely easy because you don’t have to spend extra time finding the right people to help you with your move.