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Senior Moving & Packing: Prepare for the move. Set up the shower, toilet, kitchen, etc. Professional packing of all your precious belongings. Personal assistance for customer with coordination with moving company.

Reassure in advance the safety and comfort of your belongings. Make arrangement for safe transportation. Coordination with moving company to pack your personal items prior to your move in. Secure storage of all important documents and insurance information to avoid any misunderstanding at the new home.

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Assisting family members with the move is also one service offered by Senior Movers. Emphasize on the importance of a safe and timely transfer. Assist in making phone calls, scheduling transportation, etc., during downsizing. Enlist movers as agents of your family in the new environment and keep them updated with the latest on moving day.

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Deciding whether to go with an independent or assisted service when it comes to downsizing can be difficult. Many seniors decide to move into an assisted living community as opposed to an independent senior moving service. This is because of the social benefits associated with an assisted living community. However, many independent moving companies do not provide the personal interaction and support one would receive at a retirement community. Also, most independent companies do not have the expertise needed to pack and load fragile items, transport them to the new location, unpack them, and re-store them.

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When choosing a moving service, ask for referrals and recommendations. Look for a company that has experience in assisting senior citizens and their loved ones. Make sure you have a contract in place with a specific amount of time for their service as well as a delivery timeframe. Check references and call around. Find out if you can speak to your senior’s doctor who can advise you about any health concerns that may arise when your senior moves from their current location to the assisted living facility.

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A good senior moving service will offer a free consultation where you can go in and talk to a representative. During this consultation, ask questions about the moving plan, storage space options, how much the moving truck rental will cost, and what the moving plans entail. If you are not happy with the answers your professional agent gives you, find another professional. You don’t need to be moved into a moving van right away; take advantage of the free consultation period and have your questions answered.

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After the free consultation, make sure you understand the details of the moving and packing process. Be sure you know when your senior moves into the facility and what they expect. What are their policies on late payments and other financial obligations? How will they pay for your remaining belongings and furniture? This information is extremely important, as it will help you know what to expect when the time comes to pack up your things and move.

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It is extremely important that you keep in mind all the details when making the decision of which senior moving services include or do not include specific elements of the senior relocation process. This is because if you’re not happy with the answers you receive, you have the option of moving out early and looking for another company to work with. Just because the relocation company offers a low price doesn’t mean that they are the best option for your senior moves.