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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving services to negotiate rates. Find out each business s strengths and consider all your needs to select the right one for you. Decide how much of a move you desire to handle yourself and get quotes for what you do not want to do yourself. Keep in mind that the moving companies are also experienced in moving and packing for senior citizens. You want a company that can move your belongings safely and efficiently.

Check for complaints about the company. Call the Better Business Bureau or other resources for any complaints about moving services you find. Read client testimonials on line or better business bureau internet sites to see if others had experience with a company. You may want to call the office of the supervisor of the moving companies to ask about their track record. Watch out for a lot of overhead costs, but beware that some companies try to pass it off to you as a management cost.

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Look at the different rates for bulk or group moves. Many senior moving service companies offer a discount for large volume moves. If you are planning on organizing a home sale, you can usually save money if you arrange a smaller move.

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Make sure you ask about benefits and flexibility when considering a senior relocation option. How much of the job is done by skilled staff and how much is up to you? What are the moving and packing options and will you be able to decide where your items will go? Does the company provide a removal company to remove your items once the move is complete? Are there insurance benefits for senior downsizing? If you are unsure about these questions ask questions and do your homework.

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Ask about the level of support in the new location. Are there any special accommodations made for seniors who need special assistance with their moves? Senior downsizing may include a rental car. Some senior moving services include a list of rental cars available through their affiliates or through other companies that they work with.

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Do you have to pay for more than one move? Some senior moving services include one price and you can quote multiple times on the same move. If the job includes assembly of furniture and other materials, does this have to be paid for separately? It is very common for companies to charge extra for their delivery services.

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Have your belongings evaluated before hiring a senior move managers. This will save you time and money from having to do the same old thing and hiring someone new. Get several quotes from several movers and see what the average price is for moving your possessions in one home. Most movers will quote you one price, so you know what you are paying for.

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If you want to save money on relocating and you have a desire to stay in your current residence, contact the company or person you are considering hiring for your senior relocation business. Let them know that you are interested in staying in your current residence, but you do not want to move. This will help get your needs met and will allow the company to find other clients without your interest.