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What is a gun safe? How do you know how to move a gun safe? When moving a firearm it is important to follow some JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc tips that make the process easy and safe for everyone involved. Using proper storage methods and packing your gun safe with padding to remove possible damages. Moving your safe long or short distances makes packing harder and is also a potential cause for damage. Hiring licensed movers is an excellent way to move your firearm and keep it safe while doing it.

Licensed movers specialize in safely transporting and moving firearms. They understand how to pack long guns safely and how to move long guns safely, and will guarantee your firearms are moved properly and securely at the same time. Using proper packing and padding for your gun safe will insure a successful and safe move of your firearm by:

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Padding Your Firearms. Professional mover companies will carefully and securely padding all of your firearms in a steel gun case for protection and padding against damage and unwanted movement. This ensures that no matter what kind of shape your firearms may be in, they will be protected from any kind of damage or instability during transportation. Some companies even offer padded gun safes complete with security and padding for when the time comes to pack your guns in the case of emergency. Padding is not only used when moving firearms, but when packing them as well.

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Gun Safe Moving. A professional moving company is always ready to come to your location to take care of your gun safe needs and get it to you in the safest manner possible. There are several different types of moving cases available, so be sure to ask your moving company what kind of case they use for moving your firearms. This can make the entire process go much smoother, and will save you the time of researching different safes and padding options.

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Stairs and Lifts. Moving gun safes on stairs is probably not one of the first things that pop into your head, especially if you are not someone who feels comfortable about heights. This is a definite no-no, so ask your moving equipment company or your trusted friends about the best and safest ways to move your firearms on stairs safely. Most people just fold their arms and go up the stairs, but there are a few precautionary measures that must be taken. For example, never ever push the top of the gun safe on top of any stairs, but instead, place the safe next to a set of stairs with a flat surface, like a flight of stairs.

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Using Ladders. Although this is a bit of an old school way of handling gun safe transportation, most moving companies still prefer to use ladders when transporting firearms. Remember: just because it’s a ladder doesn’t mean it has to be ugly! Using a sturdy ladder that is only used for moving objects with heavy loads is ideal, and can be installed with padlocks or other security features to keep your firearm safe.

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Professional Gun Safe Moving Companies. You don’t want to try to move heavy safes on your own, so the best solution is to let a professional moving company handle it. There are plenty of professional moving companies out there that have experience in handling gun safes, so take some time to find one near you. Once you do, ask the moving company you choose what methods they utilize to move heavy safes on their equipment. Most companies have trailers, lifts with wheels, and other moving devices that are designed to handle gun safe transportation with a minimum of fuss and minimal damage to your guns.

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These are just a few tips for how to move a gun safe with as little fuss and disruption as possible. While many gun owners may prefer to move the devices on their own, professional gun safe moving services can get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently, so that your guns are properly handled. With the proper care and attention, your firearms will be ready to be stored or placed into storage when you’re ready to go.