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How do you know if you should hire a professional furniture assemble person to assemble your furnishing items at home instead of doing it yourself? Is there any real difference between doing it yourself and having a professional assemble your furniture? The answer to these questions will help you determine whether or not the furniture assembly at home is a good idea for you. There are a few pros and cons to both options.

Professional Furniture Assemblements Cost The average per piece cost of furniture assembly at a local store is somewhere around forty-five dollars, depending upon the quantity that you are assembling. The national average price for assembling small items such as a desk is approximately sixty-five dollars, depending upon the size of the pieces. Furniture assembling cost: If you are assembling several small items, like a chair and tables, you can probably expect to pay more than fifty dollars for each one. However, if you have a large family or an avid craft enthusiast in your household, the amount that you are spending for each item may be much less.

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Furniture Assembly at Home Furniture that is assembled at home can be put together much faster than furniture that is assembled in a factory. Depending upon what type of pieces you are putting together, this can be as little as fifteen to thirty minutes. The only thing that you will have to do in order to ensure the assembly process goes as smoothly as possible is to have patience and have a plan. There are many plans available on how to put furniture together, including how to assemble dresser sets, chairs, tables, and many other pieces.

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Furniture Assembling on a Budget When you are assembling small items at home, you do not have to pay as much as what you would if you were hiring professionals in the furniture assembly process. You are also not going to pay as much as those individuals who you would hire to assemble your furniture for you. When you are hiring experts, you are paying from an hourly rate. With a plan on how to divide up the work and a fixed hourly rate, you should be able to pay a minimal of around twenty-five to thirty dollars per hour for your professional help.

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How Long it Takes to Assemble Furniture The amount of time that it takes to put furniture together depends heavily on what type of furniture you are assembling. If you are assembling furniture like chairs and tables, then you are probably looking at having it assembled in a day or two. Those who assemble furniture like couches and chairs or smaller items may take as long as a whole week to assemble their completed products. The amount of time that it takes will depend heavily on the size of the pieces that you are putting together.

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What Options Do You Have If You Disassemble Furniture Before You Assemble It Local movers can help with this as well. They have many options for their customers who want to take apart and put together their own pieces. Some local movers only do furniture assembly if the customers specifically request that they be able to do so. They will call the customer and give them a quote about how much it will cost them to put the pieces together. The customer then has to decide whether or not he wants to take care of the assembly and how much time it will take for him to do it.

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How Much Does Furniture Assembling Cost? The total price of your furniture assembly depends on the type of flat rate that you get quoted and the time that it takes you to complete the assembly. Local movers can quote you a flat rate based on the estimate that you provide to them.

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What Is a Flat Rate? A flat rate is a quote that the furniture assembler gives you depending on how long it will take for you to complete one piece. This is usually based on the total square footage that you are being required to assemble. If you are doing a large piece such as a chair, then it could take you weeks to complete it depending on the size and material that you are using. The type of flat rate that you will be quoted will depend entirely on the company that you are working with. Some furniture assemblers do not charge any fees for the flat rate, while other companies might require an initial deposit before they will allow you to use their services.