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For many senior citizens moving can be a stressful time. If you are looking for a professional and reputable moving company that will make your move easy and stress-free, it is important to follow a proven senior moving and packing system. Research several movers before making a decision about which one to use. Ask friends and family for recommendations and visit the websites of several companies. Look at the movers’ customer reviews and compare the services, packages, fees, and costs for each moving and packing company s qualifications. If you have any doubts about the company you are considering, ask the movers to see references, call their offices, or talk to other customers.

Senior downsizing and moving can be a complex process that takes a little time. It can also be very expensive. In recent years, property values have decreased in every demographic. While the overall housing market may have improved, there is still no recover in real estate sales. There are many reasons behind this trend such as the decline of the mortgage industry, the rising cost of living, and the aging population. These factors can all have an impact on a senior citizen’s ability to sell their house or apartment when selling or moving to a new home.

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Senior move managers can take an active role in helping to make the transition easier for senior citizens. The goal is to minimize the disruption to them and their personal and/or family life while maximizing the potential for quick sale and quick relocation. Some senior citizens may feel trapped by their circumstances and choose to stay in their current home. Realtors can help seniors find alternative living arrangements until they find a new place to live. Property owners can benefit by advertising their vacant apartments or houses for sale to the public and making the move easier for seniors. Realtors can offer general services such as home inspections, assistance with house cleaning, assistance with moving, and general inquiries about the neighborhood.

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Some seniors may decide to downsize and enter the senior moving and storage industry. Selling your belongings by yourself is an option but it is not recommended for those that are in poor health, emotionally or physically. Selling your belongings by yourself is time consuming, frustrating and can lead to emotional breakdowns. This is why moving and storage companies are excellent choices for seniors looking to save time and stress by delegating the tasks of moving and storage.

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For those who need to downsize, there are some senior moving services that will help you do so without charging for the services. Apartment locators are professional coaches who specialize in helping people find apartments that are full to move out of. They can match you with an appropriate unit that meets your specific needs. When moving to a smaller apartment, it is important to have access to transportation that is reliable and affordable.

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Senior moving and storage companies can provide a variety of services to meet all of your needs. There are independent agents that work just like an adult child. They can call your loved one, be on the phone as often as needed and make all of the travel arrangements, including airport pickups and drop offs, to make the senior move less stressful and less costly. Some senior move managers will also assist your loved one with packing their bags and loading them into their vehicle.

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Hiring a moving and storage company may seem expensive. But depending on what services you need, and the type of move that needs to be made, the costs can vary widely. Many senior movers offer packing services to make the moving and packing process faster and easier. The downsizing company can also help reduce the load that needs to be carried by the senior. If a move is going to be long and tedious, enlisting the aid of an experienced move manager can go a long way in lessening the load. In addition, if there is a specific item that needs to be replaced, a moving company may be able to give referrals for businesses that sell items of similar value.

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Another way that downsizing companies are helpful is in the organization of their senior clients’ belongings. De-cluttering is an important part of maintaining mobility and independence. It is also something that aging seniors cannot do alone. In order to effectively organize their belongings, seniors must have a system in place that makes it easy to segregate “stuff.” The packaging and sorting process of belongings are especially important for seniors that find themselves living on a fixed income, because simple things, such as medicine and clothing, can quickly accumulate in a cluttered home.