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Furniture delivery is a vital step in the furniture purchasing process. Without proper planning, it can result in many frustrations, missing delivery dates, and even stress. In this article, we will take a look at some of the different furniture delivery options that are available. Moving service is among the most common, but not the only, ways to move furniture. To help you learn the different moving service options that are out there, we’ve put together a handy list of the most popular types of moving furniture you’ll come across when you’re on the road.

Furniture Shipping & Pick Up Service. Furniture shipping and pick up services offer the simplest and most affordable way to move your furniture. These services will pick up your belongings from your home or office and deliver them to your new location. This option offers some flexibility, but can get expensive after the first few months depending on how full your belongings are.

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Furniture Shipment. Some furniture companies likeipment by the thousands per year. This option gets them into all sorts of trouble with the supply chain, so it’s really reserved for the most exceptional circumstances. If there’s a huge pandemic or a national emergency that affects the shipping infrastructure of large furniture manufacturers, chances are they will get more orders than they can accommodate. If you’re unable to move all your stuff in a matter of weeks, it may be prudent to just delay your furniture delivery until the normal times.

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Free Shipping. While free shipping sounds like the ultimate deal, it can have its problems. The most common complaint about free shipping is that you can’t return anything if it’s defective. If the furniture you ordered isn’t exactly what you wanted or it has already been damaged, it’s pointless to go through all the trouble of sending it back for free. That said, free shipping can still save you money if you know you can get an inferior item for much cheaper elsewhere.

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Yellow or White Delivery. This is another common complaint about furniture delivery. Often, you’re charged extra for this option because you’re expected to pay for the fuel to deliver it. While it can save you money on delivery, the additional charges often make up for it not being the fastest route.

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Full-service delivery. Some furniture companies offer this option as part of their full-service delivery service. With full-service delivery, your furniture is picked up from your home or office and then drove to the warehouse where it will be fully assembled according to your specifications. Furniture that’s delivered this way is much faster than the other options, but it may also cost more depending on your delivery destination and the size of your order.

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Reduced Inventory. This is yet another problem most furniture retailers are experiencing. With a slow economy, furniture manufacturers and distributors are seeing a decline in orders for most products. As a result, furniture retailers have no extra inventory sitting around to sell. Even though you’re experiencing inventory shortages, the good news is the rest of the supply chain is still working fine and prices are still reasonable.

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Limited Yellow or White Delivery. With a full-service furniture delivery service, you may only receive a limited number of different colors, shapes, sizes, styles, or materials, such as acrylic, metal, glass, leather, paper, plastic, or wood. This limitation doesn’t usually extend to the continental US.