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Are you moving to a senior assisted living community? There are many reputable and affordable senior moving companies available. Here are a few Senior Moving & Packing tips to help you make the most of the experience. Contact two or three moving companies to compare prices and services. Learn the strong points of each company so you can choose the right one for your individual situation.

Decide how much of the senior move manager you will hire to help with the move. Some senior move services include all of the moving materials, while others only provide packing materials. The cost of the moving materials, and what types you will need will depend on several factors. Examples include how many adult children you have, how far away your new location is, if there are other belongings you will be bringing with you, and if you need extra help packing.

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Pack your belongings. Keep in mind that you will move your most valuable belongings first. Therefore, you may want to call your adult children to stay home and help with loading and unloading your truck. Professional movers will be able to advise you about how many adult children and how long it will take for them to load and unload your belongings into your new home.

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Emotional supports during this time are just as important as the financial and physical support you will receive. You will find that emotional support comes in many forms, such as talking to family and friends, visiting places where you have lived before, and joining support groups. These experiences will help you with the emotional aspects of moving and packing as they relate to making changes, downsizing, new relationships, and living in a new environment.

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Make a plan for all of your moves. Keep a moving journal where you can document the times and places of all your moves. This will allow you to see patterns emerge and document your feelings and emotions as they happen. This journal will also allow you to see the progress you have made, which will give you an idea of whether or not senior moving services are right for you.

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Make a moving plan for your senior loved one first. This is important for several reasons. First, the moving service will be able to better accommodate your loved one’s needs, which in turn will make the entire moving experience easier. Second, your loved one will be able to look forward to the moves with excitement and more anticipation than without a plan. Finally, having a plan will keep senior friends involved in the process and keep the senior in the loop.

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Involve your family members in the process. Even though you may be the only family member who will be handling most of the details, your family members are still a part of the move. They are your closest community and will likely want to share in the happiness and the relief of your senior moving company’s successful move. Let them know about all of the fun things that are going on at your new home, the food that is cooking, and even the decorating and gift shopping that are taking place.

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Be organized! Once you know the basics, the senior relocation process will become much easier. You will probably want to organize all of your belongings before your senior moving company arrives, but organizing after they have left can be helpful. A simple solution is to arrange boxes by theme and color, so that you can easily locate and grab what you need.