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As we age, we may find that moving is more of a challenge than when we were younger. Sometimes, moving home is like trying to put your life back together again. The last thing you want is senior assisted living facilities right in the middle of your own living space! That’s why it’s so important that your senior and disabled loved ones that are still living independently learn how to be an active and independent part of this entire new chapter in their lives. Luckily, there are several companies now who are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.

As a first step, we contacted a number of senior movers in our local area and asked for quotes on moving and packing services. After carefully examining each one, we chose the three best options based on a number of factors. We wanted a company with extensive experience in helping seniors move into and through assisted living and dementia care facilities. A company that would provide excellent support throughout the move and during its follow-up care. And finally, we wanted to choose a company that matched our organizational needs – from packing to unloading, and with a strong customer service record and a commitment to offering customized, one-stop moving and packing service.

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A few months later, we received a phone call from our local relocation coordinator. She told us that our initial contact had been very helpful, but that she could no longer do the entire move herself. Our movers were available to help with all the “downsize” tasks. She asked if we would be moving our home permanently. We agreed that if that was the case, we wanted full access to the building and an unload ramp upon arrival. She also wanted to see if we would be interested in having a staff member with Alzheimer’s disease (ATAAD) work with our senior family member as a caregiver.

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That same week, our movers loaded up a moving cart with the rest of our belongings and we made the walk to our new facility. As we walked toward our large moving truck, my aunt started to complain. My mom explained that her condition did not allow her to participate in the move and she would have to take a leave of absence.

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Instead of giving her the cold shoulder, my dad, mom and I spent several days talking with her. She expressed her frustration that she had to move out of her own home and into a facility for seniors that offered no amenities and little support after the move. It became clear that her condition and her situation were directly related to the fact that she was not planning to stay in the assisted living facility long-term. In fact, she was not planning to move at all! Through the senior moving services that she was already receiving, she knew that if she chose to move out, she would have been moving to a much smaller facility with fewer resources and that her needs were not being met.

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Her doctors had recommended that she seek out an on-site assisted living facility rather than continue to live in a family home. She also indicated that she did not feel comfortable being in the unfamiliar surroundings of our new location. In addition, she wanted to be able to maintain all of her personal possessions – including her medication and her cookware. During the moving day, our movers arrived and loaded up everything that went into her residence. The family was extremely pleased with their job and their progress – we felt like we were moving back in our own house!

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When our movers arrived at our new residence, my mom asked if we would like to go into our old room during the move. Our move managers were thrilled to accommodate our request and the two of them unpacked all of our belonging, including the bed that they found in our grandparents’ home and the dressers that they found in our aunt’s garage. They were even more thrilled when they discovered that we had no plans to move during the next few weeks! They very professionally took our appliances and furniture to a storage facility for safe-keeping while our move was being handled.

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During the moving day, my mother was extremely gracious in thanking the movers for their timely service and complimented them on how fast they packed up everything. This entire experience has completely restored my faith in human beings and I now realize that moving is rarely fun. However, this experience has taught me valuable lessons regarding taking all possible precautions to make my moving day as easy and smooth as possible. I have brought these tips with me to my next move and have utilized them with excellent success! Thank you so much for sharing these precious information!