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Experienced pros in senior moving with years of experience in residential and commercial moving and packing. Senior relocations can mean downsizing to a larger house, or making the switch to a senior assisted facility. Senior moving and packing are a stressful time for families. Hiring professional movers to do the job can alleviate much of the stress, and provide increased peace of mind. Relax and enjoy your new surroundings knowing your senior family friend has taken care of your belongings. Professional movers will strive to ensure your belongings are transported safely and soundly.

Experienced movers can move you to your new residence or place of business in as little as one day. Relocating your belongings is a big responsibility, but movers have extensive moving experience and know how to move your belongings in a timely and safe manner that maintains the safety of your most valuable items, while delivering a fresh start in a brand new location. Professionals will consult with you and help you with every step of the move.

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Most senior moving companies offer relocation services including packing, loading and unloading, as well as unpacking once your belongings are at your new residence or location. Some companies even offer overnight or two-day temporary storage options should you be unable to find a permanent place to store your belongings while in the process of moving your household to your new residence. Other services offered include; carpet cleaning, removal of old furnishings, minor landscaping, and assistance with local transportation options.

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An important part of the entire moving process is the post-move evaluation. An evaluation is performed, a day or two before your belongings to move, and can be done by a local senior moving services. This evaluation will assess all of your possessions to determine if they are being properly protected and maintained, and if you need any additional items to be added to the load.

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Certified senior moving consultants will also perform an inventory review. During this time the moving experts will take all of your belongings and check them for damage. They will also check the boxes for damage, authenticity, and relevancy. The goal is to have your stuff moved quickly, safely, and securely. An in-depth inventory also lets you know exactly what you are moving, and if you need to have additional items shipped along with the items that were already shipped.

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Once the inventory has been completed, it is time to contact your local moving company. A representative will come to your home and will conduct a thorough inspection of your belongings. At this point it is time to decide on which method of transport you would like to use. You may choose to hire either a local delivery service or a nationwide delivery service. This will depend on how far away your items are and how easy it will be for the senior moving company workers to get to your location.

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Many seniors choose to move their personal belongings in a recreational vehicle. This is an alternative to hiring moving companies and allows seniors to experience moving much more frequently. Senior moving companies tend to specialize in larger items, like furniture or appliances, and these larger items will be the bulk of the items moved. This option is a good choice if you do not want to worry about your senior loved ones having to wait while you move your furniture and appliances around.

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If you decide to use either a local delivery service or a nationwide delivery service it is important to ensure that the mover you choose provides all of the proper training. There are many accidents each year because of seniors not being properly trained in moving. If you are moving across the country, it may wish to consult with a national moving company to ensure they are fully trained in moving and packing your personal property, and to ensure your safety.