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Experienced professionals in senior downsizing help with your senior moving and packing. Senior relocations can mean downsizing from a large house to a small one, or even making the switch to an assisted living community. Your senior relocation plans should start early to prepare for the unexpected. Hiring senior moving and packing services ensures that your belongings are safely removed from your home.

Many seniors decide to sell their belongings in order to achieve a better living situation after their retirement. But because they were not properly compensated during the move, they have to hire moving and packing companies to do the job. This is a wise idea for the senior that wants to remain in their own home instead of having to rent an apartment. Experienced professionals in moving and packing companies will do a much better job of relocating your belongings than you could do on your own.

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While assisted living facilities may be better than hotels, they are not always the best place to live. If you are moving to another assisted living facility, the previous resident may be offended if you are not allowed to stay in your own home. It may also be a violation of the terms of your community’s fair housing policy. That is why it is imperative to choose moving and packing companies that have experience handling this type of operation.

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The first thing that should be done is to communicate with your moving and packing company about the exact location that you would like to be moved to. They will need to know the neighborhood, and be familiar with any nearby hospitals or nursing homes. If you have a plot of land and some land surrounding it, discuss with the movers what you would like to be moved there. Discuss how long the new location will be used for senior moving services. Be sure that all the furniture in the new home is up to date.

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Once the senior moving and packing company has arranged all the details, you can begin to think about the specifics of the move. If you are moving and packing with other family members, find out if anyone will need to use any special medical equipment or if anyone will require special assistance with mobility issues. Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies? Do any members of your family have special dietary needs? Any of these situations can make it necessary to bring someone who has special equipment into the new location.

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One thing to consider when you are planning a senior downsizing is the flat fee that is charged by the relocation company. If a large group is being moved, the flat fee is usually more than just a few hundred dollars. However, if you are moving only one person, a small flat fee might be acceptable. There is no flat fee for a single individual to move, but you should inquire about a flat fee prior to the move. The flat fee is usually based on square footage, so be sure to get an exact quote for the entire apartment complex or home.

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Most senior moving services include the actual moving of the individual belongings as well as packing them for storage. You will probably also be provided with a checklist of all items to be moved. All you have to do is follow the directions exactly as they are given and leave the storage facility quickly and securely. Many seniors Decluttering Service companies provide the transportation for the move as well.

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Senior downsizing is a way to help relieve the increased expenses that accompany living in a senior community. It is a win-win situation for everyone including the older adult retiree. They can have the independence of being in their own apartment or home without worrying about elderly care or assistance with the grocery Store. The assisted living community provides the additional freedom of independence.