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“I need a professional commercial moving company to move my office to a new location. I am moving to a new state with a significant amount of stock. Will this affect my business? The answer to both questions is yes. If my office is not properly moved into the new commercial property I need, it may affect our ability to trade stock and/or do business in Holiday Hills.

“We are moving our 50-year-old office space and will be utilizing all of our packaging supplies to pack and load our trucks and vans. The movers are experienced in moving large items and can handle any problems that may come up. They will have an on-site supervisor who is available to assist with any concerns or questions that you may have during the move. With our extensive range of commercial moving products and services and a full staff of movers, we will be able to move our office and commercial storage securely and safely.”

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“Relocating our office to a new office building requires us to complete a number of steps. First, we move all of our furniture and equipment to our current location. Next, we pack everything in temporary boxes at our new office location. Once all of this is done, we transport the contents to the new commercial location.”

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“A few months before the move, we had a meeting with our commercial moving company. During this meeting, our movers presented to us our options for loading, unloading and stacking. At this point we discussed various factors that would affect our relocation such as loading and unloading trucks, stacking or not stacking the items, and choosing a professional commercial moving company with experience and excellent equipment. Our relocation company recommended several alternatives to consider. Out of this discussion we selected two moving options.”

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“One of those choices was to stack our furniture in a temporary warehouse. While this saved us time during the move, it also presented a potential security risk. When a move like this occurs, it is crucial for everyone in the office to stay out of the way of the trucks. It became necessary to secure a warehouse to store the office equipment until the relocation process was complete. This added security measure presented two issues, one of them more significant than the others.”

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“The other option was to rent space to temporarily store the office furniture. Our relocation company recommended this option because it was less expensive and would allow us to have more time during the move to complete other tasks such as setting up computer systems, printing and copying machines, and making any other arrangements that were required to move the office. The only drawback was that the temporary warehouse did not have enough room to store the large equipment that was part of the business.” Mr. Jones continued, “While we had a great moving company with whom we worked, we could have saved money and time by addressing these moving concerns ourselves. In our opinion, anyone who has ever moved knows that the process starts with finding a good moving company; if the moving company is unable to move the office equipment, they are unable to move your work.”

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To make sure the entire process runs smoothly a great detail needs to be put into place from the beginning. “A contingency plan should be created at the beginning of the move. This contingency plan should address the time going into the move as well as the time going out to the new location. This plan should include all of the various steps that need to be taken so that at the end of the day, everything is organized and completed to your satisfaction.”

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If you don’t know exactly what your job is in advance, or even if you know exactly what it is, you’ll waste time trying to learn it after the fact. Mr. Jones recommends that you make an inventory management system part of the moving and packing process. “Your inventory management system can include copies of your office supplies and a simple schedule detailing how many items you will need to pack and store. The system should allow you to create order lists and detailed tracking of each item.” Mr. Jones says, “The inventory management software you buy should include a packing log; if you don’t, you’ll need to get one made.” By making a detailed inventory management system part of the pre-motor relocation planning, you’ll get things moving along smoothly.