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There s an easy way to move a gun safe without much damage and even the possibility of injury. The procedure takes some expertise and specialized tools but will work well for almost all electronic safe gun safes. Never use regular tools when it comes to any of your valuables, especially when they can prove to be very dangerous. Never, ever recommend you move the moving of heavy-duty gun safe or any other specialty move to the pros, but should you feel that you have to do it on your own, ensure that you move your gun safe in the proper manner.

A gun safe can be easily moved if the following tips are followed: never beat around the bush when asking for help, take along extra equipment such as straps and dollies; wear safety vests, earplugs and goggles; remove all jewelry and keep small tools for scraping out parts; move by yourself; do not try to lift the safe by its sides; never drive the safe over the fence or house bumping into it; if necessary, call for professional help. The safest and easiest way to transport a safe is to use dollies. Make sure that the safe is safely tilted on its side so that the bottom of the safe is off the ground. If it’s an electronic safe, elevate the bottom of the safe using dollies.

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Gun safe moving may sound difficult but it need not be. In fact it’s one of the easiest ways to protect your valuables and ensure the safety of those near you. While there are numerous gun safe moving companies in Homer Glen, be wary of which ones are reputable and which ones are not. There are many unscrupulous companies that claim to offer excellent moving services but in reality provide poor quality products and low prices. When hiring a moving company be sure to ask if the safe is delivered in one piece, if the company uses dollies for transporting, how they get the guns from their storage area and whether they charge extra for the transportation.

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Gun safes can be placed on the top of stair cases. They are often supported by metal rods that run up the staircase and across the landing. This method allows for easy access to the pistol and ammunition in the case of emergency. Some guns are held in place using clips or by locking mechanisms. Stairwells are a common place to locate these devices as they can be difficult to break into.

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The cost of a safe depends on its size and materials. For the smallest move, consider using a local moving company as they will be able to offer the best advice on cost based on the items being moved. It is important to remember that any type of safe can be broken into so it is important that the safe is secured and not left available for anyone to gain access to. Gun safe and stairway mounted safes can be expensive to purchase and if they are required to be delivered, this will add to the bill for the moving mover.

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One of the most important gun safe moving tips is to ask the mover for an estimate of all charges prior to the move. Estimations can be provided during the quote process or requested later once all the equipment is assembled and ready to go. It may also be wise to request an estimate on the day of the move. This is especially true if there is a special item being transported. The cost will depend upon the weight, type of equipment and distance being traveled.

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The storage location is another important factor when considering Gun Safe Moving. If the gun safe will be stored at home, then it is necessary to have appropriate locks on the doors and windows. The location will also need to be near water and gas lines as well as close to parking areas. If the safe is being moved in a rented moving truck, then appropriate equipment should be provided as well.

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The Gun Safe Moving service will provide the proper paperwork to accompany the guns when they are brought into the new residence. The paperwork should include all dimensions, serial number, and any other relevant information. If a stairway will be used to transport the gun safe, the stairway must be installed with non-slip steps. All the proper paperwork should be provided and any gun safe movers that do not adhere to these moving tips will not be considered a safe and JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc service.