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Hiring a senior moving company to help with your senior and/or disabled home relocation can be a life-saver. It can make the difference between not having to move and living at your new place for many years. But, it isn’t always an easy decision. Here are a few questions you need to ask any company that you consider hiring for your senior move:

What service or package will be offered during my senior move? You need to know what services they will offer, how much they cost, and whether there is a grace period before they begin packing and moving your household goods. You can ask by calling, writing, or visiting their office if they offer free estimates for your first up to date moving estimate for up to six months after your initial move. You should also request information about their service coverage, their customer service record, and how long they have been in business. The more information you have about their moving and packing services the better prepared you will be to determine if they are the right people to do the job for you.

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How much experience does each of the moving companies in question have? It’s important to know how long each of the senior customers have been in business as well as what type of experience they have had. Experienced movers will have dealt with all sorts of situations both large and small, from large scale moves to smaller residential moves. Good moving companies will have a lot of moving experience under their belt and will know how to handle anything that might come their way while staying on top of budget and timeline.

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Will my move be supervised or my own? Many times movers offer supervised retirement community service. If this option is available to you, inquire about whether the company has a supervisor on staff. They should have a few supervisors on staff who are trained in all aspects of assisted living. Having a supervisor on staff will allow you to be at the mercy of the professionals when it comes time to actually move your belongings into the retirement community.

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What types of moves can my senior moving services include? Many seniors are looking to downsize. Many seniors just need assistance with some smaller, simple moves like bathroom cleaning and toilet remodeling. Other seniors may need assistance with larger, complicated moves like the conversion of an entire room or house to senior living.

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As well as just helping you with smaller moves like these, many senior moving companies offer full assistance during the entire transition. This means they will not only make sure all of your things are moved properly, but they will help with the arrangement of your new apartment community. They will even take care of registering and tracking any new medical condition that you might have. A good senior relocation company will even make sure all of your household information is updated and ready to go so you do not fall back into the old patterns.

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As well as assistance with your moves, many senior moving specialists can even help with the purchase of your new home. They will help you with the mortgage process and help you with finding the right bank. In addition, they can help you with the application and paperwork necessary once you have found your new home. Some even offer financing as well, which is an excellent way to pay for your move. With so many options, you can find just the right Senior Moving Company to help you with your move.

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Seniors everywhere are moving away from their comfortable homes for more secure places. You can too. Make sure you know what services you need so you can make the most of your move. Most moving companies are happy to help you through every step. From helping you with your move to assisting with your new home, you can count on your senior moving specialists to help make your life easier.