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Properly Moving a Gun Safe The right way to transport a gun safe is to minimize the risk of damage and injury to yourself. The process takes some special tools and expertise but does work for many standard electronic safe gun safes. Always recommend that you leave the moving of heavier-duty gun safes to the pros, but if you’re interested in doing it yourself, be sure to use your best judgment… never put your lives or the lives of others in danger! The right gun safe moving company has the proper equipment and training to move any safe gun in less time than expected. They will also be insured so that if anything does happen to go wrong, it’s covered.

Gun Safe Moving on Stairs If you are moving your safe on stairs, you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly. Never jump from the top, even if it may seem easier or safer to do so. Many safes have weight restrictions on how high they can be moved, so be sure to ask your moving company ahead of time about their process for stair movement. You don’t want to end up being the one in trouble when they find out that they cannot move the safe upstairs due to stair height limitations. If you are in doubt, stick with the stairs!

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Gun Safe Moving on a Lower Floor If possible, never move a gun safe on a lower level. Even if the stairs are the safest way down, using them as a transfer point can lead to unfortunate circumstances if there is a fire or emergency and you must evacuate your home. Never put a heavy-duty gun safe in an unlocked door on a lower floor even if the staircase is the only way down. Follow these moving tips to avoid any mishaps.

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Gun Safe Moving on a Lower Floor After choosing a floor on which to move your gun safe, ask a professional moving company how to pack the safe for the move. This may sound obvious, but packing a safe for the move can actually be difficult. Most guns are very fragile, and need special handling even before you take them out of the packaging. A professional safe-man will know what to pack the gun safe according to each state’s regulations. Make sure that the safe is fully assembled after the move to ensure that it is in great shape.

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Gun Safe Moving With a Professionalism Moving with a professional gun safe movers will ensure that the move goes smoothly and the safe arrives at its destination in one piece. They understand the complicated regulations regarding gun safe moving, and can ensure that your precious belongings go where they need to go, when they need to go. Ask gun safe movers about their experience and what standard of safety and security they follow throughout the moving process. It’s better to have peace of mind than to be blindsided by damage that could have been prevented.

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Gun Safe Moving With a Licensed Mover A licensed moving company has taken the time to ensure that they follow all regulations and safety measures while handling your valuable belongings. If you plan on moving the gun safely and securely, it’s important to work with a mover that has experience with this type of move. When the movers are insured and licensed, you have much more to worry about than if they didn’t have any insurance or licenses. Working with licensed and insured moving companies increases the chance that your gun safe will arrive in excellent condition.

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Gun Safe Moving With a Small Team There are many gun safe moving companies that are able to handle the move of a gun safe with a small team of workers. These companies know how to pack your gun safe and know how to transport it with out damage or destruction. There are many different sizes and shapes of gun safes, so it’s important to ask about their moving services. This will ensure that no one is left out of the move and that everything goes smoothly. When moving guns, it’s especially important to use a small team for safety.

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Stairs and Gun Safe Moving As stated above, it’s important to use a licensed and insured gun safe moving service for safety throughout the entire move. Make sure that the company you choose includes stairs in their moving plan. It may seem unlikely that a gun safe would need to travel up or down stairs, but this is often the case when moving guns. Stairs allow gun owners to reach their guns safely without having to worry about them getting caught behind a stair step. Many gun owners prefer to let the stairs perform the move for them, and for this reason gun safe movers are asked to use stairs whenever possible.