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Experienced, professional staff in senior moving companies will work with you to ensure that your senior moving experience is a positive one. This includes finding a trustworthy moving company that has years of experience moving seniors and their personal belongings. Your moving service will know every detail about what you need packed and how much it should cost. Experienced movers who are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and well trained will work with you to ensure that your senior moving experience goes smoothly.

Experienced movers are specially trained and experienced at downsizing. Most downsizing pros use special packing containers that are lighter-weight, more durable, and easier for the movers to pack everything. They also use boxes and packing supplies that are specially designed for smaller or extra-fragile items. Experienced, professional movers are bonded and insured so that if there are any accidents during or after the move, they are covered.

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Senior movers are experienced at preparing and unpacking. Whether you’re moving alone or with family or friends, you’ll find that the job of unpacking and putting things away is done professionally and with the highest of standards. Packing and unpacking require careful planning, from selecting a moving date to selecting the right packing supplies. Packing services will ensure that everything goes according to plan.

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The moving and packing industry is an unregulated industry that often times results in less than adequate service for the consumer. Because of this, it’s important that consumers who need reliable, professional moving and packing services know what to look for to protect senior downsizing professionals. Here are a few of the common scams seniors often fall victim to:

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o Enters the Senior Transition phase without providing all of the information needed to make an informed decision. When seniors begin the senior moving and packing process, they should have several detailed boxes that they can each check off when they are ready to open the boxes. It is also recommended that individuals receive a full month’s worth of informational newsletters from their movers to keep them up to date on the process as well as a general overview of the entire moving and packing experience. * Does not provide proper insurance coverage for the contents of the move. It is a good policy to purchase additional insurance coverage for your belongings while in the moving and packing phase.

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o Assisted Living Facility. Senior movers moving services often take care of the entire senior assisted living facility move. This means they handle all of the paperwork, set up appointments, perform background checks, provide financial and medical advice, and even pick up medications for the resident. Many times these services will do everything else that needs to be done while the senior residing in the facility is still in the home waiting for their move-in date to become official. The independent living facility does not typically provide these services. Many seniors may not need extra assistance at this time.

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o No downsize. Often seniors who are downsizing are trying to downsize in order to afford a new home in the area they currently live. Unfortunately this often means that they will have to give up some of their personal items. Some seniors even give up their most sentimental items. If you are a senior experiencing this type of change, it is important to ensure that you have proper packaging and protection so that you are able to maintain and keep the sentimental items of your favorite loved ones.

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If you are a senior experiencing a senior move, it is important to have as much involvement in the entire process as possible. Even if you are not retaining any type of full-time assistance with the move, it is wise to have a full understanding of the process and have a plan in place for how to pack and load all of your belongings into the new home. You should also have an understanding of what steps your current moving company will take to move your belongings to your new location. Many times these companies are happy to work with you on these issues, since it helps them to move fewer senior residents. By following these basic steps, you can be assured that you will have a smooth senior move.