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If you own guns, you know that they can be very dangerous if not properly taken care of – this is why it is important that you learn how to move a gun safe safely. Properly moving a gun safe can decrease the likelihood of injury and damage to your property. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but can work for many standard gun safes.

Always recommend to anyone that you trust that you leave the moving of any heavy-duty gun safe or other specialty move to the pros, but if you don’t know who to call, then here are the top gun safe moving tips from the experts. Be sure to wear safety glasses at all times when moving anything with guns. This goes for lighter duty safes as well. Guns are considered very powerful, so there is always a chance of them accidentally firing a bullet. Protect yourself!

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When considering gun safe moving tips, always consider the environment in which the safe is being moved. Is it wet, moist, cold or above average temperatures? The type of environment can play a huge role in how your gun is being moved. Do you have any mechanical issues? If so, make sure to discuss them with the professional mover.

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Never attempt to move the heavy safe by yourself. You could cause damage to it and/or injure yourself in the process. Always let the professional gun safe movers do it for you. You may end up having to pay for additional charges on top of what was quoted, but in the long run you will be glad that you handed the task over to them. The added time saved will be well worth whatever extra cost you may have been stuck with.

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Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the gun safe. If the movers cannot place it on a dolly or car, then it will require special equipment to help them lift it. They will most likely need crates or lumber boxes to help them lift it. For smaller items, the gun safe moving services will be happy to deliver it for you, or if not, they can provide you with boxes at your local warehouse for storing.

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Some other gun safe moving tips include using site protection. This is done by placing a padlock or other form of locking device on the stairs leading into the area where the safe is being moved. Many safes are placed on the bottom of stairs, and a padlock prevents others from being able to open it from down below. This also helps to prevent damage to the gun if the padlock is removed during transport. Remember that even if the safe is on the bottom of the stairs, it can still be opened once in the process of transporting it.

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When using gun safe movers, make sure to pack the gun away when leaving the old location. There may be some sentimental or personal items in the safe, and it would be a terrible shame to let them be caught along the way. You may be thinking about having the gun safely stored at the new place, but how to put it in the cabinets and what to do with it when you get there? It helps to know exactly what is going on before the movers get there.

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One more gun safe moving tip is that you should never try to move one by yourself. Even with the help of a professional mover, it would be a mistake. They are not trained to handle heavy objects like this and they would break the device rather than protecting it. If you break it, there’s nothing to secure it in. So it would be better if you have someone trustworthy do it for you.