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After carefully researching all of the senior moving companies in my area, I chose the top three choices and then checked them out for customer satisfaction, moving rates, and quality of their work. I found a few companies that were a total waste of time and money. I ended up losing a lot of money because of a bad choice I made when I chose a company that was overbooked. I lost a lot of boxes that I had purchased in my advertising that I had to get rid of. It was very disappointing to see such a waste of money.

Once I located a new home that I would like to move into, it was time to contact my local movers and pack up my belongings into boxes and load them into my new house. I called my local movers and they were very friendly and courteous. They planned the move out of town and picked up my boxes at the local library. I was very satisfied with their work, the cost, and the convenience.

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During this time I was also contacting senior move managers on the internet, looking for a local company that could do the job. I tried searching Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All I got was a lot of hits from companies that wanted me to pay an arm and a leg. I decided to go on the advice of one of my friends and go online to check out a couple of the websites that sell moving supplies. My friend told me that there are several sites out there that sell moving and packing supplies that are affordable and very useful for any size of household.

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I was very happy to find what I needed. The downsizing process took a lot less time than I thought it would. Now my friends are able to have the house ready before moving in. Now they can just come down and pack up my boxes and leave. They are not paying a moving company to take care of my house, because they are moving in!

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This has been a lesson learned for me. You can call a senior move manager and tell them your current address, and they can get you a quote for moving into a nursing home. Then you can compare prices and services. They will be able to tell you how much it will cost them to rent a large, assisted living facility to assist you with your transition. Many times, the cost of such an assisted living facility is much less than what a family would pay for an ordinary hotel room or traditional residence.

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While many people think that senior moving companies are just out to make money, this is not true. Most of these moving companies provide excellent service and provide proper consultation for any sized household. They are very helpful to seniors that need assistance with their everyday lives while moving. Whether you just need help getting to your new home or helping you stay at that new home, these moving professionals are there to help.

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My favorite thing about these mover companies is that they are dedicated to seniors. Most of them understand that elderly individuals have special needs and that their loved ones cannot move right away when they move into a new home. However, these same movers understand that seniors need extra assistance in the kitchen and bathroom. That’s why they make sure the house is clean, the rooms are organized and the maintenance is scheduled each week. These caring professionals make sure that everyone is satisfied by their new location.

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Moving seniors need to consider a senior relocation service because it gives them a chance to live independently once again. These same mover companies also have the expertise to handle various medical and insurance concerns that many senior residents face. For example, many senior citizens fear visiting their doctors because they fear they might be injured while taking their medicines. These relocation experts take the concerns of seniors very seriously and have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that can handle all types of medical concerns that might arise.