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Business relocation isn’t just an easy move. It takes proper planning, which if not properly orchestrated by an assigned individual within the business, can be disastrous! When relocating, business owners need to consider their assets, potential losses, and of course their employees’ schedules. There are many important steps involved in any business move and the more prepared you are for it the more smoothly everything will run. Here are four simple steps to follow when relocating your company’s headquarters:

Prepare your Office Space – Before making any moves, office relocation or otherwise, it’s important to first set up a new floor plan for your business. You should plan out the flow of traffic in your new office and where desks should go. In the case of a move, new floor plans may be necessary. Your current space should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned, including any computers, printers, etc. Make sure that your new floor plan includes the movements of all furniture including chairs and computers.

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Pick the Right Moving Company – Now that you’ve got your office space and your new floor plan, it’s time to find a good moving company that can help move all your important property. Decide what kind of moving supplies you’ll need including packing tape, boxes, furniture covers, labels, etc. As far as packing goes, you want to ensure that any valuable pieces are packaged away with other material so that they don’t get lost during transit. Again, it’s important to remember that any heavy equipment in your storage tank should also be well packed so that it doesn’t cause damage to the rest of your moving supplies.

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Have a Good Plan – After doing the initial research and selecting a great relocating company, it’s time to create a plan. You want to make sure that every step is followed from start to finish, beginning with making a list of all items and numbering them according to their specific location. Then, divide each room or area into three separate sections: the first section for any and all moving boxes or containers, the second for the furniture or inventory, and the third for personal items such as pictures or memorabilia. By following this plan, even the most inexperienced business relocation can go smoothly.

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Choose a Commercial Moving Company – Finally, once everything has been sorted out, it’s time to select a commercial moving company to handle your move. The best way to choose a good commercial moving company is by doing your homework! Inquire about a company’s history, how long they have been in business, and how satisfied their customers are. If a company has never delivered a successful move, don’t even consider them. Similarly, if a company has been delivering excellent results for many customers, you should feel comfortable placing an order with them. The right commercial moving company will also give you access to their customer service department should you need help along the way.

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Start Planning – Now that you have a firm estimate on how much your move will cost, it’s time to start planning. In general, residential relocation involves packing up and moving everything in one moving truck. However, residential moves can include items like appliances, electronics, or household furnishings. For commercial moves, however, you’ll likely need more than one truck to move everything. Commercial moving companies offer many different options for their customers, including multiple trucks and dollies to help move large items like appliances and furniture. It’s important to talk to a representative from the company regarding what options are available to you, so that you can determine what makes the most sense for your move and what options are best avoided.

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Arrange the Details – Now that you know how much and when you’ll be moving, it’s time to arrange details with your Joliet moving company. Arrange details with them according to how you’ll be receiving and sending items. For example, if you decide to use a common carrier for your entire move, make sure that your IL moving companies know exactly how and where all of your items will be during transport. If you decide to ship your belongings, arrange details with the carrier to make sure that they can accept the shipment and will be at the new address once your goods have been shipped. You may also want to include special instructions like an additional delivery date or a tracking number with the shipment if you so desire.

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Keep It Simple – One of the most difficult aspects of any corporate relocation is making sure all of your staff is informed of the move and its expected time of completion. For this reason, you should keep communication lines open between all of your employees involved in the move so that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Try to keep any decisions related to the move as simple as possible so that everyone can focus on completing the move in one swift and uninterrupted fashion.