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Kenilworth Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly is a laborious and time-consuming process, which many people would rather not attempt. This is because most do-it-yourself projects require a lot of manual labor and take a long time to complete. In addition, it takes expertise to put furniture together correctly. If you are on a budget, and still want quality furniture but would rather have a professional assemble your furnishing, here are some tips on how to assemble furniture for less.

You may prefer to hire a residential furnishing assembler rather than an industrial one. If so, inquire about flat pack furniture assembly services. A residential assembler offers a variety of assembly solutions that may include do-it-yourself assembly, home assembly or professional assemble, all of which are less costly than hiring a specialist assembler. The average residential price tag for residential flat pack furniture assembly is approximately $120, but costs can range greatly depending on the quantity of items that you need to assemble.

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Commercial furniture assembly often requires that a commercial assembler use disassembly methods. This method is preferred because it is faster and will save time for the assembler. Disassembled furniture must be disassembled prior to installation to prevent damage during installation. Once fully disassembled, installation can begin.

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Industrial goods like appliances, automobiles, computer equipment, and television sets can also be assembled by a commercial assembler. Professional assemblers offer professional assembly services at an affordable rate. Prices are based on the materials that are used in the project. They do not charge for labor costs as with residential companies. In fact, an industrial assembler is often able to negotiate much better labor costs with local governments than would an individual.

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Professional companies like Lowes and Home Depot offer training for residential and commercial furniture assembly. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. The tools provided are typically simple and basic. Instructions are usually included with each product. With new furniture assembly, a salesperson provides customers with the proper tools to assemble the item.

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Professional companies provide customers with a great customer satisfaction. Customers report that the level of service from these types of assemblers is excellent. Furniture assemblers charge by the hour and sometimes by the job. For larger jobs, companies may charge an hourly rate of one dollar per hour for a maximum of four hours.

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Residential customers can pay a lower per-hour rate for a maximum of eight hours of assembling. Commercial assemblers charge by the job. The minimum fee is set by each company for the number of pieces that need to be put together to complete their project. Some companies allow customers to assemble additional items at a reduced rate; this is usually the case for those who will assemble furniture or other smaller items at home.

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For those who have large items such as furniture assemblies or other large items that require assembly, renting a storage space is a better option than hiring a professional moving company. The moving industry charges a lot of money to move large loads. It is important for a homeowner to keep in mind that if the storage space is more than enough to hold the furniture assembly or other large item, then it may be cheaper to simply hire a moving company rather than paying to move the items in on their own. It will take longer to move larger items, but it may also save money in the long run because the homeowner will not have to pay to move the items in.