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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving companies to compare costs. Learn the strengths and Weaknesses of each company before you make a decision on who will be moving where. Get estimates for all the items you do not want to do on your own and decide how much of a move you desire to tackle yourself. Contact the company that has the highest rate of returning customers and will offer the most value for money.

No Flat Fee: If you have been contacted by a moving company about a flat fee, contact the real estate board in your area. The board can help you determine if there is any fee on your senior flat fee. They can also let you know if there are additional fees involved such as non-refundable deposits, if they tack on any extra surcharges, and what is the difference between a flat fee and a fraction of one percent (or less) of the actual cost of the move. Often the flat fee companies offer free moving quotes.

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Insurance: All moving companies are required to carry certain minimum insurance coverage levels. Contact several movers and find out what kind of coverage each offers. Contact the insurance companies to find out if any of the movers you are considering can offer any protection for your belongings.

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Removals: Make sure all of your belongings are packed and ready to go before you begin your senior moving specialists move. Find out the maximum weight limit allowed for your belongings, and pack only those items that are absolutely necessary. It is extremely important to keep any important documents, such as prescriptions, birth certificates, and financial records, safe during your new home move.

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Movers: Hire a professional moving company to help with the move. Senior moving and packing companies have the expertise to move your belongings safely and have the appropriate security measures in place. The moving and packing company may also be able to arrange other services, such as packing and loading, or the transportation of items.

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Staging: Do your best to create an attractive staging area for your move. In addition to boxes and furniture, hang any special belongings or memorabilia that you would like to display. If you are renting a house, ask your landlord if you can leave your belongings here while you move some of your things into your new home. It will save time and make your move easier.

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Seniors Decluttering Service: Some seniors need assistance in getting rid of their belongings, but do not want to hire a moving company to handle the move. If this is you, then you should consider using the services of a senior moving and packing company. Senior moving and packing services can provide a solution to your storage problems. They can take care of storing your belongings until you are ready to move and even organize your belongings on your behalf.

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Although many seniors downsize, others are not ready to part with all their possessions. For these people, hiring a moving company to move your senior moves is a very affordable alternative. Even if you do not hire a moving company, you can move your senior self using a variety of methods. However, if you hire a professional, you will be guaranteed to have your moves done professionally, and safely.