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Gun safes are often used in gun shows, estate sales, and to protect weaponry from theft or loss. In any of these situations, there is a chance that the gun safe will be opened and items taken. It’s important to have a moving procedure that includes what is known as the “green light process” when moving a gun safe. This simple step helps to ensure that nothing is taken, and gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your gun is kept in a secure location when out of your sight.

Moving A Gun Safe The correct way to move a gun safe is to minimize the chance of damage and injury. The process involves some special equipment and expertise but can work well for most gun safe transports. Always recommend that you leave the professional moving of high-powered gun safes to the pros, but if at all possible, you should pay a little extra for a safe that complies with federal law. For less than one hundred dollars per moving truck, and as little as three hours, your trusted moving company should be able to move your safe as safely as possible without endangering it.

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What to Do When Using the “Green Light Process” If the moving company has a team of people, they have probably looked at the “red light” signal posted on the top of the gun safe. The red light means that it cannot be moved too quickly or too slowly, while the green light signals that you can proceed with caution. Regardless, most professional moving companies can get both of these signals and more. They know how to move a safe that is heavily protected and under lock and key, safely up or down the stairs.

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Why Use Gun Safe Moving Tips? Most people do not have the time to find out exactly how to move a gun safe. This is the case even though it is a perfectly safe gun in the back of a safe. It does take a little bit of practice and knowledge, however. With proper preparation and knowledge, you can protect yourself and your family without worrying about damaging your gun.

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What to Do When Using Gun Safe Moving Tips? You need to remember that guns are often quite heavy. They may not fit neatly into the vehicle. They will not always want to lie flat on the ground. This will cause them to be unstable and make moving them down the stairs more difficult or dangerous. You must have a plan for how you are going to move these firearms, and this includes understanding how to transport them down the stairs.

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How to Make sure Your Guns are Where They Need to Be? In order to ensure that you protect yourself as well as your family, you will want to make sure you have a secure place to keep your guns when you are at your temporary home or vacation location. There are several options to choose from, including gun safe dollies. These types of safes are designed to provide a secure location to store firearms when moving, so you can have peace of mind knowing they are protected.

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Is it Possible to Learn the Procedures For Moving Guns on Your Own? The answer is a resounding yes! If you decide to learn how to move a gun safe on your own, then you can research the information on the internet. You will find many helpful websites, including some that are associated with an experienced moving company.

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If you decide to use an experienced moving company, then you will want to make sure that you select one that is bonded. This will help to protect the items in your storage area. If you would like to learn how to move a gun safe on your own, then it may be wise to consult with a moving company as well as learning how to move them. Moving gun safes can be very expensive, especially if they are large items such as this, so it would be wise to use the services of an experienced moving company.