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since 2009, Stevens Moving & Storage has been devoted to ensuring you get a safe and secure moving experience with their gun safe moving products. Not only will your belongings be moved quickly and safely, but they will be handled by highly trained professionals who specialize in moving guns and other sensitive items. Not only do the movers provide a safe, but they also provide their clients with expert information about their products and services. Read on for some of the best moving tips from the experts:

Do-It-Yourself gun-safe relocation professionals. You can move your items yourself to save money. However, don’t get the idea that this means you can have an “experienced moving company” take care of everything. Because of the sheer size and weight of a gun safely, an inexperienced or self-moving individual is not likely to be able to transport it safely. So, don’t take that option.

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Professional gun safe transportation. No matter how large or heavy your guns may be, you should never attempt to move them on your own unless you are trained in the process. If you aren’t trained in gun safe transportation, hire an experienced moving company. When you hire a professional mover, they will use special equipment to pack your guns safely, securing them with multiple layers of padding. In addition, your chosen moving company will use specially designed equipment to transport your ammunition. This ensures that your ammo is properly stored at all times and that none of it accidentally spills out and ends up in the wrong hands.

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What is the big deal about gun safe moving? For starters, if you take guns, ammunition, or any item that contains live ammunition into your home, you run the risk of federal or state laws being broken. These laws are designed to prevent anyone from using a firearm in a crime. Simply put, if you possess any firearm, you are required by law to keep it in a securely locked safe, and you can only do that with a gun safe.

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Gun safes are available in many shapes and sizes. For example, there are pistol safes, long guns, shotguns, even pistols and sub-machine guns. There are different styles as well. However, if you want to move your entire collection of guns from one location to another, you will probably need to rent a moving truck and have multiple people help you. Keep in mind that the professionals who work with gun safes know exactly how to secure the weapons once they are in the truck. Therefore, you are guaranteed of a safe and JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc.

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If you decide to rent a moving company to carry out the entire move for you, there are several questions you must ask them before the rental begins. First, it is important to find out what services the company provides. Some companies specialize in semi-trailer trucks and deep rifts, and they will already know how to transport your guns and ammunition in these vehicles. However, gun movers who have experience transporting firearms to homes may not be able to transport them in a flatbed truck, since these trucks aren’t designed for high volume moves. Ask them about the different options they provide and which types of equipment they use.

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Next, make sure you understand the full price of the project. You may find a company that is willing to provide a free quote prior to the move. Ask what the total cost will be, including pickup and delivery. While this is a great service, you should also find out if the moving truck and workers will be provided at no additional charge, or if you will be responsible for those expenses. Professional gun safe moving teams will take care of all insurance and labor issues, so you won’t have to worry about any of that.

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You can usually get a much better idea of the moving company’s reputation online, rather than relying on word of mouth. Talk to people who have used local gun safe relocation services, as well as people who would recommend one to you. For major companies, it might even be a good idea to try out a couple of different moving companies before deciding which one to work with on a long-distance move. That way, you can be sure the business is experienced and reputable, and the moving company you choose is going to be able to provide the type of security and care you require.