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Business relocation is usually spurred by a desire to update offices, and facilities, meet new clients, boost revenues or reduce expenses. If you choose to relocate, there’s lots to think about. You’ll probably do plenty of research on your own before even moving. It’s a time-consuming endeavor that should not be rushed.

There are two kinds of relocating businesses: large and small. Large companies move their entire operations (and all of their people) in order to take advantage of economies of scale. Small businesses typically hire a moving company of some size to help them relocate some of their operations. But there are several business owners who decide to do the moving on their own.

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The first step in business relocation is site selection. This involves deciding where you’d like to move. Your site selection will depend on several factors such as current and future work locations, tax incentives, transportation options and budget constraints. Some states have specific laws about which companies are allowed to perform ground, roof and foundation work on commercial and residential properties. You’ll need to be aware of any restrictions when considering your new site.

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After your site selection is complete, it’s time to decide what kind of moving supplies and equipment you’ll need. Depending on how much you’re planning to move, this could include packing, shipping and moving boxes, furniture blankets and other items. If you are moving just a few items, consider renting a storage facility. But if you’re relocating a lot of products, you may need to rent commercial moving trucks to move everything.

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Once you’ve chosen a transport company or truck to help you with your move, your next step is to contact your new business location and find out if the company will be offering an unloading and loading service. You will want to determine if your new location will allow loading and unloading during business hours so you can schedule these services as necessary for your move. Many movers offer complimentary two-day or three-day moves; others charge a flat rate based on the size of the move.

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After you’ve made all of your arrangements, it’s time to set up social media accounts to share photos and information about your move. Many businesses use social media to announce the move, update customers on the progress of their move and list special offers and discount opportunities. Businesses also use social media to share stories from others that help to reinforce the positive aspects of moving and encouraging referrals. One common way to use social media to encourage referrals and increase business is to create a Facebook event page for people to share information about your move.

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If you are using a local office relocation service, they may offer relocation tips, including helpful videos about office move concepts. A popular online video that can help answer office relocation questions includes an office move montage that combines practical tips with humor. The video features a series of shots, each visually revealing a lesson learned while relocating. The humor in the montage comes from the fact that each office resident is shown shopping at a different store before being transferred to the new location, all while the narrator continues to mock his or her new surroundings.

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Many moving companies provide relocation incentives to clients who take part in the entire relocation process. Whether you are choosing a local company to handle your move or enlisting the help of a larger national company, be sure to find out what kind of incentives you could be eligible for. You may be able to choose incentives that come in the form of free delivery or a percentage of the move cost. Most relocating companies offer free consultations, so you will likely be given an opportunity to explore your options with them before deciding which options are best for your needs. Relocating can be an exciting and stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.