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A furniture delivery service might be in your best interests, especially if you’re living in an apartment and need assistance putting together and moving your new acquisition. Here are several important considerations to think about before completing a furniture acquisition: size and dimensions You will want to take dimensions of your room before you begin browsing furniture choices. Furniture companies typically provide floor plans that can show you how to measure your space. If they don’t, you should think about how large you’d like your furniture to be prior to making any purchases. Measuring your furniture will help you ensure that your moving endeavor goes smoothly and efficiently.

Cost As with all purchases, the cost of shipping furniture to your new home will depend on the company you choose and the distance of the delivery route. If you’re purchasing a couch from Lansing and the delivery cost is significantly more than simply walking down the street to your local furniture dealer, look for another store that delivers. Even a small increase in cost can translate into big savings. Furniture companies offer various shipping options, including UPS, residential delivery, and commercial delivery. Be sure to ask questions about these options so that you choose a company that will save you time and hassle.

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Types of Furniture Delivery Services The way in which you decide on a furniture delivery company will also depend on the way in which the furniture delivery service completes the final steps of the moving process. Some services will assist your movers as they pack your home. Some simply will drive your furniture to your new home and will not do any of the packaging. Ask about the types of services that each company offers so that you are sure to get the help you need throughout the moving process.

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Packing Materials When packing your own furniture pieces yourself, you can save money by buying packing materials at the same place that you buy the furniture. Many furniture companies provide this service. However, if you know that you’re going to need special items like tape or bubble wrap, you can usually purchase them ahead of time and have them waiting at the warehouse when the furniture arrives. Your furniture will arrive much sooner, and you’ll have fewer chances for damage during transportation. This makes choosing furniture delivery services that pack your furniture a good idea if you have special needs or are concerned about damaged packing materials.

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Single Item Movers If you simply want someone to move your entire furniture family into your home, single item movers are a good choice. These movers generally charge by the mile, so be sure to factor in the cost of fuel and parking before determining the rate for one job done. Some companies offer discounts if the move includes more than one piece of furniture. For example, if two people need to move a couch and a dining room table, you might find a discount offered for two furniture movers instead of one. Keep in mind that some single item movers may use only half of the space they quote, so be prepared to give an itemized estimate of the space they need.

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Multi-Person Movers A common option for larger furniture moves is multi-person moving. This means that you’ll pay the same rate per furniture piece regardless of how many people are in the move (including pets). You’ll also have several people available to help with the move, ensuring that all items are carefully moved and no items are overlooked.

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Furniture Storage If you’re having a large furniture move, like many do, you may need to store your belongings in temporary storage until the move is completed. Furniture moving service that offers storage is a good choice because the movers can take care of storing your stuff while you’re gone. Many companies even offer free storage for the first few days as a courtesy. You can usually schedule storage in advance and know that it won’t be far away.

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Dollies When your home is overrun with high-end furnishings, like art pieces and rare collectibles, it’s helpful to have an extra set of dollies on hand. For one, they make transporting those prized possessions easy. Second, high-end furniture often requires more care when moving than ordinary pieces, and dollies can help minimize damage during transport. Ask your furniture delivery provider about special dolly options, or rent a dolly ahead of time to ensure your high-end items arrive in top shape when they arrive at your new home.