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Gun safe moving can be a real pain in the butt if you don’t know what you’re doing. Moving A Gun Safe Is An Important Process Protecting Your Guns It’s absolutely necessary to know how to move a gun safe properly to keep your guns out of harm’s way. A gun safe is considered a firearm in many states and can make moving a gun a real pain in the butt if you don’t do it right. If you’re not sure how to move a gun safe safely at all then you should consult with a licensed professional mover. Here’s what you need to know:

Correctly Moving Your Gun Safe Properly The most important step to remember when moving a gun safe is to be sure that you are following all local laws. In some states you have to use a licensed professional mover and in some states you just have to follow the laws as they are laid out there. Regardless of where you live, remember that there is a deadline each state has set forth in regards to new laws. If you are moving out of state, never hire an individual who doesn’t understand state laws. This could mean the difference between your gun safe being broken into and being safely transported from one state to another.

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How To Find The Right Moving Company First thing you need to do before hiring anyone to help you with your gun safe relocation is to make sure that they are fully licensed and understand state laws. There are a lot of moving companies out there that are not licensed and don’t really understand what they are doing. This means if something goes wrong with your gun safe, like it was accidentally nudged or knocked down, you may find yourself in a lot of legal hot water. It’s better to be safe than sorry and to hire a moving company that will take care of you and your belongings properly and will be around to fix any problems that come up during transport. Check reviews online of any company you’re thinking of hiring and do your homework to make sure they have a good track record.

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Gun Safe Moving Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Stress One of the most important gun safe moving tips is to be patient. Most people assume that they’ll have to get the items packed and in two separate trucks. This isn’t always the case. The movers will be able to keep things contained as far as possible. If you’re worried about the move, you may want to book several trucks to ensure that there is no room for damage to occur.

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Staircase Staging When you’re planning how to move a gun safe, one thing to consider is how high the staircases are located. Many apartments and homes come with stairs. For them, you should pack the gun safe in an area where it won’t be accessible to children. You’ll also want to install anti-scratch flooring so that the safe can be looked at while inside. A padded stool might be a good idea if there’s going to be a lot of movement on the stairs.

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Gun Safe Moving Tips For Overhead Storage Moving gun safes can often be difficult to pack up. The best way to pack them up is with a dolly. A dolly is a flat, narrow board with long legs that can be wheeled along behind furniture or in between walls.

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How to Move a Gun Safe When packing your guns, you should always remember to take safety precautions. There are a number of ways to secure a safe to prevent theft or damage. The safest method is to lock the safe, which will prevent anyone from gaining access to it. However, if you must move the gun away from the wall, do so with a padlock. Moving the safe by yourself is also a good idea, but only if you’re confident that you know how to move the safe.

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Stair-climbing dollies can provide many benefits when moving a gun safe. They’re a low-cost alternative to putting the safe on the ground and using other methods to get it out of the way. If you use stair-climbing dollies, you won’t have to worry about the gun falling off the shelf or through a window. Also, since stair-climbing dollies have wheels, they make a great way to get the safe down low so that it’s out of the way of other obstacles, such as rugs or low shelves.