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Senior moving and packing can be a stressful and emotional time. Couple that with the fact that you may not know anyone else who is moving as you are, and you’re suddenly bombarded by family, friends, and other people you don’t know that are also making plans to move to a new senior assisted living facility that they are considering. This can be overwhelming and difficult to move through. That is why it’s so important for you to work with a company that specializes in senior moving and packing. There are a few things to look for in a reputable senior moving and packing company.

-When you start looking into senior moving and packing companies, ask them about their experience with senior movers and their level of success with downsizing. They should have a good list of satisfied customers to share with you. The better moving specialists have team members that are seasoned in working with senior individuals, are highly trained, and, above all, are patient, compassionate, and professional.

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-Do they understand the concept of senior moving and retirement living? Do they understand that the seniors who will be moving will be independent living, not confined to their relatives’ home? Do they have a plan for this? Do they offer resources such as food, transportation, and housekeeping assistance? A well-run independent living retirement community will have this all included in their moving and packing services. The last thing you want is to get your belongings to the retirement community and find out you have an overwhelming amount of moving materials to deal with.

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-Do they have a storage facility on site? A reputable moving and packing company understand that in these tough economic times, not having to store your belongings overnight is key. Storage can become extremely expensive and a lot of people do not have the extra money to store their belongings for this long. This storage option should be an option when making your decision to move into a new home. A reputable company will move your belongings to your new home in boxes and leave them safely stored for you to retrieve at a later time.

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-Do they provide a senior moving service? You will never move again if you don’t have a professional who knows what they’re doing. The senior moving service you select should make every effort to schedule a convenient time for relocating your belongings. They should not make you feel like a burden. They should use every available resource to get your belongings to you on time, safely.

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-How do they handle the customs involved? The last thing you want is to have a large bulky box delivered to your home only to discover it contains illegal drugs or weapons. Many senior moving service companies are trained to understand all the regulations concerning moving and customs related to your country. This makes them far better choices than individual moving companies that don’t know the rules.

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-Do they offer cheerful transitions? Nothing makes a bad day worse than seeing old pictures in the early morning hours when you try to sleep. Smile and see new things being discovered as you begin to transition your belongings to your new home. Many senior moving companies have experienced and highly trained staff members that make sure your bbb and moving transition goes smoothly.

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It is possible to move to a new place with less stress and more convenience than what you experienced before you moved. With so many options now available, moving may be easier than you ever thought. Senior moving is becoming the popular alternative to relocating since it is less stressful and cheaper than other options. Senior moving companies will help get you started on the right path of moving with less stress.