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Avoid the danger of injury when you safe a gun at home or in a gun safe at work. It’s important to know what is a gun safe, how to move a gun safe, and how licensed movers can help protect you and your family. Although guns are relatively safe when stored away from children, the threat of a gun being fired accidentally can never be entirely eliminated. In addition, guns must be accessed properly in order to avoid accidental discharges. Licensed moving experts provide the highest level of security for your gun safe moves.

Protect yourself when you transfer your gun safe to a licensed professional moving company. It’s never pleasant to learn that you have lost a prized firearm, only to learn that it can’t be retrieved. Moving guns is a responsibility that should be honored by all gun owners. Professional moving services aren’t just limited to residential moves; they also service commercial moves, too! So, whether you want a gun safe relocated from your basement to your garage, or from your bedroom to your basement, take advantage of the moving services offered by a professional moving company.

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Hire JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc & Lumper Service lncs for your gun safe moves. The right way and the wrong way to move a gun safe depends on several factors. First, how large is the item? Are there additional items that you will need to move along with the gun safe? Is the gun safe fully assembled or does it need to be put together separately? Different moving companies use different techniques to transport a gun safe, so it’s important that you ask the movers about their recommended methods before the movers do the job.

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Get a quote. Moving companies usually quote in either flat rate or per hour, so get a quote upfront to compare costs. Find out how much the moving services will charge for lifting, packing and moving the gun safe, including any storage fees. The larger the item and the more complex the storage unit, the more the moving services will cost.

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Lifting the gun safe may require some special equipment. If your safe comes equipped with stairs, then the moving company may recommend that you also install permanent gun safe ladders to allow easier access to the storage unit. Ask if there are any additional charges for this equipment. Some storage units have flat floors and other stairs that must be climbed. Again, ask what other equipment is required.

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Make sure to protect your health and safety during the move. Use a padlock to protect the main entryway, use non-skid floor mats (careful where you place them) and use a heavy-duty stair lift that can accommodate heavy items on its rails. Never try to tackle a heavy item on your own. This is especially important for using site protection, as the stairs can prove to be very difficult to navigate.

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Be prepared. Carry hand gloves, thick clothing and thick bags to protect yourself from sharp objects and flying debris during the move. Be sure to have your home identification handy as well, such as your social security card, credit cards, homeowner’s policy and a copy of your lease or rental agreement. Do not attempt to move a heavy safe on your own and be prepared to contact the local moving company as soon as possible for assistance.

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Using gun safe moving and storage services can be very convenient. A local mover will have connections to local gun stores and pawn shops, so you can expect the safest and most secure moving of your valuables. But no matter how much time and effort you put into the move, mistakes can still happen. It is important that you read through the Terms of Service and watch for any unclear information. Moving experts are also savvy enough to call you if there is a problem, so you should feel comfortable letting the professionals handle the job.