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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving companies to compare prices. Learn each moving company’s strong points so you can decide which is best for your unique situation. Evaluate the amount of your moving job to determine the size of your moving group. Decide how much of the move you need to handle yourself and receive estimates for the extra items you do not want to do. Read through the moving contract to see if there are any unexpected costs that you should be aware of.

Find out what your rights are as a consumer. Find out if the movers have liability insurance coverage and if it will be enough to protect your belongings in case something happens while they are moving your home. You may also want to check into your state’s laws regarding senior relocating. In some states, families are not allowed to move until their belongings are completely settled.

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The price you pay for moving and packing depends on the size of your household, where you live, the type of furniture and appliances you own, the number of members who will be moving and their ages. If you rent, do not let the property management company know you will be selling. Let them know only if you are interested in hiring a packing company. Let them know all your plans and stay away from asking them to arrange for house calls, house visits and moving supplies. Hire a moving and packing company if you feel uneasy about the relationship between your landlord and the movers.

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There are three options for senior moving and packing: flat fee, flat rate and full or part time. For a flat fee, you will be responsible for the full relocation cost. Half of this flat fee is already included in your monthly house payment, so you won’t have to worry about paying additional money for transportation or supplies. Some flat fee services include storage fees and escrow services, so you have to make sure that these are included in the total flat fee or the flat rate you are paying.

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Part time, or part-time senior relocation services are offered by some companies. These types of services are more affordable than the other options. For one, there is no flat fee. Instead, you will be charged per piece of furniture or appliance. However, the total service may be cheaper because there are fewer employees employed. This type of move for seniors is best done by a fully trained senior relocation services professional.

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For those planning to move to a new or different home, Illinois provides several kinds of senior moving service. If you are moving to Illinois, you must first locate a moving service that offers this kind of service. Illinois movers are experts when it comes to moving people and their household goods. They can be the right match for any household because they know exactly how to pack your things and they can pack them securely and safely. They are also licensed and insured, so that if anything happened to your belongings during transit, you do not need to worry about compensation.

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You can also go for full or partial assistance with the move. One thing about full-assisted move is that it costs more. In addition, the customer is required to pay for all the moving expenses, including gas, insurance, and assistance with loading and unloading the truck. The full assisted kind of senior moving services is best for households which do not have much knowledge about handling household items.

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You can also find various moving companies that allow you to rent equipment and pack your things yourself. Such rental services let you pack your own belongings while letting the movers to help you load them. It is an affordable option for those who are relocating to a new location, and you can enjoy relocating with these types of services and save money.