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The senior moving and packing industry is growing quickly, driven by consumers in their middle age and older years. The trend lines are showing a sharp rise in senior moving and packing services. As baby boomers hit retirement age and begin the “retirement” stage, they will need to find moving and packing companies that can handle their needs. A successful senior moving and packing company will be able to help with a variety of senior relocation needs, starting with household and senior packing to corporate and business moving and packing.

“SENior MOVE & PACKING FIRM – PART ONE: The process begins with a thorough home sale analysis where each resident (household or senior) is given a personalized Home Buyer’s Check listing all items that they want moved and packed (including curb, driveway, patio, yard, driveway, deck, stair, and other special areas). All properties must be ready to move in accordance with the homebuyer’s requirements. Depending on how large the home purchase and selling budget is, some homes may need more than one truck to handle everything. In addition, senior moving service companies will do a free home appraisal to determine the value of your home. If it is an older home then you may have to get a pre-approval from the bank before they will release funds for a house purchase. Banks normally have strict guidelines about pre-approved financing and require a credit check, down payment and a seller’s certified bid.

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“SENior MOVE & PACKING FIRM – PART TWO: Once the houses have been evaluated and the purchase fund approved, the movers are charged to load each residence. Meals, furniture and personal effects are packaged based on the customer’s preference. Once the movers have loaded all residence, the movers deliver a loading confirmation to the customer’s door. This saves the client time because they do not need to load the vehicle and drive it to the lot to drop off their possessions.

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This gives the senior moving and packing company added security as the senior can rest assured that their belongings will be safe and sound. The move manager will make the rounds at the home, doing unloading and re-towing, and will collect payments from the client for the services rendered. (Note that a good moving service will ask for a down payment upon arrival.) Some downsizing firms offer storage at a fee.

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Some professional relocation companies have detailed regulations regarding how their personnel will be dressed. Employees are required to wear comfortable office-type clothing. The shirts should be buttoned up, the pants should be slacks with no panty lines, and the shirts should be clean and pressed. Ties should be worn in a conservative manner. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

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Because the objective of a professional downsizing and moving service is to ensure a safe, clean, and orderly transition, the employees are required to participate in thorough training in regards to household organizing and safety. If an older adult intends to sell a house or property, he or she should be sure that he or she is properly represented, in addition to being fully aware of the ins and outs of closing the deal and getting a fair price. (Note that most downsizing and house moving services provide an open house to potential clients at a flat fee.)

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For those who want to keep their homes, senior downsizing and moving services also offer apartment-style living arrangements. These apartments feature three or four bedroom units that are all owned by the company. Residents have the option of conducting house parties with their extended family members. They can do this in groups of two to four. The benefit here is that everyone can enjoy the space. However, because the residence is not fully furnished, some members of the family members may not feel comfortable settling in.

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Another option available to seniors is living in transitional living facilities. Transitional facilities are intended to provide a temporary residence while someone begins to establish a new life in a new location. The residents will be assigned to different floor plans based on their situation. The floor plans can range from single person units to large multi-family units. All residents are assigned to the same floor plans and are required to live there on the first month of operations.