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When moving a gun safe you need to follow a few simple steps to keep your gun safe and in the ground. First of all if you have a semi-automatic or automatic safe, then it should be done professionally. Do not attempt the move yourself unless you are experienced with such large and heavy items. Remember the gun will be falling down a few feet and could hit someone in the face and cause them serious injury. That being said, here are some moving tips to help protect your gun and reduce the chances of damage.

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe moving tips should start with the ground. Remember when you are moving any heavy item, even a gun, always refer to the manual and get some help from a professional that knows how to safely move one. Even if you have the right tool, be sure to leave the moving of heavier-duty gun safes to the pros, but if you have questions about semi-automatic or automatic gun safe moving then leave them to the pros. You can rest assured though that a safe that has been moved by a professional has been installed correctly and is very sturdy and safe.

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Setting Up Your New Home Before you pack up your gun safe movers will need to know where you want to place it in your new home. If it is to be in a break room, which would be the best spot, drill the room and make sure there is a breakable surface there. Then, remove everything from the box including the spring, screws and other parts including the box latch. If you are moving it to another location, like maybe the garage, then you will have to remove the entire housing including the spring mechanism for safety. This new location will need to be drilled and ready for installation.

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The location of your gun safe moving companies will be important to consider also. Do they have their equipment in the moving truck or will you have to bring it around? If they have their equipment in the moving truck then this means they should have proper tools and equipment to move your gun safes as well. The more equipment that they have available the more successful their move will be. Also, if they don’t have their own equipment then they should tell you up front that they don’t have the appropriate equipment to move your gun safe for you.

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Experienced Moving Company If you decide to hire an experienced moving company to take care of moving your safe then they will know how to move a gun safe. A good experienced moving company will use appropriate gear and they won’t break the guns down when transporting them. Experienced moving companies should also offer insurance on all of their equipment. Moving companies with insurance are much safer than ones that don’t have any insurance because if anything happens to your safe while in transit then you will be covered.

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Heavy Equipment How to move a gun safe can get tricky if you choose to transport your gun safe by using a normal moving truck. Even with the right type of equipment you may find that the truck can be heavy and make it difficult or even impossible to move the safe on your own. This is especially true if the gun is very heavy. So if you have a larger safe that weighs several hundred pounds then you may want to think about using a moving company instead.

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Professional Movers One of the advantages of using professional movers for how to move a gun safe is that they will have trained gun safe movers. A professional movers will have at least the basic knowledge of how to move a gun safe as well as how to move any other kind of heavy equipment. They will also have the necessary equipment to safely move your valuables if needed. Some professional movers can even provide liability insurance, just in case you end up in an accident. Because gun owners pay so much for their guns you need to make sure you are protected.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Professionals Vs. Gun Shy Individuals Moving gun safe equipment is expensive and is not something most people can move on their own. If you do end up having an accident with your safe while transporting it, you may be sued. Using professional movers instead means that you can rest assured that the movers took all of the proper precautions to ensure your protection. If you are considering how to move a heavy safe or gun in the winter time call a professional gun safe moving company to help you out.