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What can Senior Moving Companies do? Senior moving companies aren’t just movers, though. They can also not only be actual moving companies, but they might also be a service that offer packing services for your senior loved ones. In that case, they’ll work with a moving service to manage the entire move. But moving and packing are just one part of the senior moving process.

An independent living or retirement community is where seniors can live independently. They often don’t need help with doing everyday tasks like shopping or buying groceries. Seniors who are in an independent living or retirement community don’t have a personal assistant or personal caretaker. The seniors living there are responsible for maintaining their own facilities, cooking their own meals and checking their own things. If you’re a senior who’s thinking about moving into an independent living or retirement community, here are some steps that will help you prepare for your move.

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Gather your Personal Effects Downtime is when most people get stressed. So it makes sense to get organized before you move into your new home. Keep all your important papers in a binder so you won’t have to keep track of everything. This also helps you remember what you have to bring with you during your first few weeks at your new facility.

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Get Your Insurance Brochure Ready When your senior moves into his or her new residence, he or she will need insurance for liability and theft. You should get a copy of your homeowner’s policy at this time, as well as any additional insurance that applies. Insurance for your belongings may also come with moving needs. Find out whether your insurance company covers belongings during your move.

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Have Job Done Prior to the Move Most senior customers move and pack by themselves. Some seniors even do this while they are bedridden. However, if you are moving and packing with a friend or relative, make sure that you have their contact information available. If you don’t know them, find out where they live and call them. Then, call them with your job done and the details of the job that needs to be done.

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Know the Area Prior to the Move Know the area that needs to be covered during your senior relocation and also know the best way to do it. Organizing your senior relocation properly is important if you want to get the job done right. A good idea is to do your research and find out the best way to move without damaging property, wasting time and gas. You can also hire a professional with experience doing senior relocation to help organize things.

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Hire a Senior Movers Most senior movers do not charge for their service, but it may depend on what services you require. Ask friends and relatives for referrals. If you are moving in town for only a few hours, then it will save you money to use a local company for the job. The company should be experienced in handling senior relocation, as it is a big job that requires a lot of coordination.

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Do Your Research Get quotes from at least three movers prior to choosing one to help with your senior moves. Look at their rates to see who offers the best value for money. Find out their experience, so you are sure they have the knowledge to move you into your new retirement community. Finally, do your research online to find reputable companies with customer reviews to help you decide whether to go with them or another moving company. Do not forget to check with your Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against any of the movers you are considering.