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Gun safe moving companies are equipped with the necessary equipment to move a gun safe securely. They are family-owned and operated and have more than 100 years of industry experience moving highly secured, hard-to-transfer items. They also use state-of-the-art equipment ensuring minimal damage and no loss of material during transport. They provide their clients with expert consultation as well as transportation and storage services. Have your guns, ammunition, and valuables transported to a secure facility that follows industry standards for gun safes.

Make sure that you choose a fully licensed moving company. A licensed moving company will have obtained approval from your local board. If they don’t, move along and find another company. A fully licensed company will also be able to offer more competitive prices on your gun safe moving service because they know the hazards in moving the heavy gun safe. Also, fully licensed moving companies can offer insurance protection on your move so you are not left holding the bag for any damages.

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Do not hire a local storage company for your move. Storage companies may only give you a written estimate of the charges for moving in their trucks. They will not be able to give you an estimate of how much they plan to charge for any additional damage that may occur during transport. Local storage companies also may not have appropriate secure container options available to protect your items. These factors will significantly increase your move’s costs.

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Make sure you have multiple levels of security measures for your property. You want to be sure that no one is able to get into the gun safe or access the contents while you are away. A great solution to prevent forced entry is using site protection. Site protection comes in several different forms and should be utilized during all types of heavy item moves. There are several different kinds of site protection you can use ranging from just one level to layered coverage depending on the type of your safe.

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Find a local gun safe moving services company near you and find out what their moving rates are. Then compare those rates to other local moving companies. There are many different factors that go into a moving quote and it is a good idea to compare local quotes. The internet has many resources you can use for your local gun safe moving services and local movers. These websites will offer you quotes from different moving companies as well as information on pricing and the amount of security they offer.

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You should make all of the security arrangements necessary before you move your gun safe. This includes having a friend or family member sign for the safe when it arrives, training everyone in how to arm and disarm the safe, and keeping keys and access cards hidden. If you follow these gun safe moving tips you reduce the chances of a robbery when the safe is transported.

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Once the gun safe is at the new location you will need to do some final preparations before it is packed and shipped. It is a good idea to have a friend or family member move the items prior to the movers arrival. This allows you to check each box for damage and ensure that it is completely secure. Make sure that you have the correct shipping labels with you and that the container is large enough to accommodate the items inside. This will also be helpful if there are any issues during the delivery of your items as you won’t have a hard time locating them.

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The most important gun safe moving services tips include doing your research and choosing a professional moving company. A professional mover will have the knowledge needed to properly pack your gun safes and ship them to your new home. A reliable company will be prompt in their delivery and offer a variety of moving services. Researching companies can be done online so make sure to check each one and find one that fits your needs perfectly. Armed with this information you’ll be ready to start the process of moving your guns and other valuable items.