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Norridge Senior Movers

Senior Movers in Norridge to provide a variety of services to make life easier. Whether you are moving from one home to another, or you are relocating with your family, hiring senior moving professionals offers the expertise and safety you need. You will save time and money by choosing an experienced professional mover. Here are some of the services these relocation experts provide:

Free Mobile Phone Rental. One-time or monthly rental rates may be available for your mobile phone. Senior Moving Services offers free cell phone rental to seniors, which helps you plan your next move with ease. Make the most of your next vacation or event, without worrying about carrying all of your important items.

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House Cleaning and Basic Maintenance Services. Professional moving services will typically provide weekly house cleaning services. This ensures that your loved one’s home is clean and safe for them when they are resting. Many movers in Norridge offer a variety of home cleaning options, including a do-it-yourself cleaning option. Your loved one can rest easy knowing their home is clean when they are resting.

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Basic Move and Packing Services. Basic moving and packing services typically include unpacking your belongings, securing your belongings, and removing small household items such as jewelry to the appropriate vehicle. Many senior citizen moving and packing companies provide an on-site storage facility for your belongings. Make sure you ask questions about what is transported, if any damages will be covered, and other pertinent information before signing any contract. Insurance is always a good idea when working with any professional service.

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Quality Senior Moving Experience. The better the senior moving experience, the happier your family will be when the move is complete. Ask about the level of personal attention the company offers during the move and pack process. Feel free to call the office to ask specific questions about the senior moving process.

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Assuredly Know How Your Elderly Loved One Is Being Treated. While many seniors choose not to be moved to a facility when they are downsizing, this isn’t always the best solution for the aging senior. It is recommended to find out how the staff at the facility treats the seniors, whether they are being compensated for time spent in the facility, and other relevant details before signing a contract.

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Assuredly Understand How Long-Term Storage Is Preferred. While many facilities offer long-term storage, not all do. It is important to understand what each facility offers for long-term storage before signing any contracts. Find out if the professional packing company you are considering uses lockable storage or if your loved one will need access to their own locker in order to get their things moved to the new home.

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Choosing an assisted living community is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to downsize while staying in the comfort of your home. However, selecting a facility is only half the battle. You must ensure that the community you choose meets your needs and provides a quality experience for the entire senior move manager team. By speaking with the facility, asking the questions above, and having a trusted professional pack your senior move, you can make the move to a new home less stressful and more affordable.