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Contact a moving company today and talk with a moving coordinator about how they can help relocate your gun safe from one location to another. For Illinoisans, legally owning guns is a vital part of everyday life, with nearly 19 percent of the population holding a legal firearm at any given time. Moving a gun safe is not a difficult task in any way; in fact, gun safes can be moved with relative ease. However, gun owners must follow certain rules and regulations in order to ensure that their gun is handled properly. When choosing a moving company to transport your gun safe, you should always ask them about their moving policy and/or gun safe pricing in order to determine what your best options are.

Asking up front about pricing will ensure that you do not get charged more than necessary when relocating your firearm safe. Moving companies often charge a deposit of one or two hundred dollars in order to secure the job of moving your gun safe, which may vary depending on the distance and difficulty of the move. If you do not have a lot of extra cash available to invest, however, it may be worthwhile to contact several moving companies in your area in order to see who offers the best price on gun safe transportation. You should never split your money between several different companies because you may wind up spending more on transportation fees than you would otherwise.

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In order to ensure that you receive full value for your money when choosing a moving company to relocate your gun safe, it is important to inquire about the moving rates that various providers charge. Fully licensed and insured moving companies will almost always charge a premium to move your gun safe, but the price can vary greatly depending on the distance of your move and the safety and security of the storage facility where your safe is being shipped. For those in Illinois, for instance, it may be more costly to ship a fully licensed and insured firearm safe than it would be to simply carry the firearm in your vehicle. Therefore, you will need to ask a moving company in Illinois about moving rates in order to determine how much they charge for shipping and insurance.

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If you are wondering how to move a gun safe from one floor of a multi-story building to another, you may want to inquire about “caveat emptor” (buyer beware). Some states, such as Illinois, require that you obtain special license to move firearms in the state. Other states, such as Illinois, will not require a license in order to purchase or sell firearms. Be sure to check with your local regulations in order to determine what the laws regarding firearms in other locations are before making your move.

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There are several things that must be considered when choosing a professional gun safe moving company. For instance, gun owners who want to move their weapons out of state, have a temporary restraining order issued by a court, or are undergoing a mental health crisis may not be able to legally possess a firearm in their home in any state. In addition, a person who has been convicted of domestic violence, unless cleared of conviction, may not lawfully own a gun in certain jurisdictions. Moving heavy items, like a gun, is one thing; using proper precautions when packing and moving heavy items is an entirely different story.

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If you are interested in hiring a professional mover, your first step should always be to contact the National Firearms Association. They are the professional organization dedicated to “gun safety and law enforcement.” The NFA offers many helpful gun safe moving tips. They suggest moving guns to a trusted friend’s house. The NFA also offers a list of approved secure storage facilities that will safely store your guns during your move. Keep in mind, however, that there are some restrictions on how much space can be provided to store firearms; a professional mover will be able to help you better understand how storage space and dimensions work within your particular gun safe moving guidelines.

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For those who prefer to hire their own professional movers, there are many gun safe move companies located around the country. However, before making any commitment, you should take time to research the company. Call the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are complaints about the gun safe moving company. Ask for a written estimate of their charges, and ask for references of satisfied customers. Make sure that all of these items are included in the contract. A professional move will ensure that all of these steps are taken, but there is no substitute for having a trusted professional with experience move your guns in and out of your home.

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After making your decision to hire gun safes mover, you should give them three weeks to complete your move. They will usually offer a grace period of up to thirty days; during which time they will carefully load your gun safe and unload it in your new home. They will return to your home with everything intact, and will move it into your new location. You can then be assured that no damage occurred during the move, and your gun safe will be protected. Your peace of mind will last a lifetime.