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Gun safes can be very fragile and should only be moved by a professional licensed mover. These moving devices are delicate and must be handled with care. In addition to this gun safes can be extremely valuable, especially in the case of an estate sale. Before you begin your move it is important to make certain you have all of the proper equipment and licenses in place. Here is how to move a gun safe:

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe First, you must ensure that your gun is properly packed and is not overstuffed. This is often the case with antique or otherwise valuable safes that are larger and might require special tools to pack and fit. Next, always refer to your packing slip when moving a gun safe and ensure you know how to move a gun safe in order to avoid injury and damage. Finally, when you finally reach your destination it is important that you carefully disassemble your firearm and pack them in their proper box. Always leave the moving of heavy duty gun safes to the pros and always recommend that you leave the moving of other specialty safe moves to the professionals.

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How To Transfer A Gun Safe When you have determined that it is time to move your safe you will need two things: access to a truck and the skills to unpack safely. Before you begin your move, it is important that you consult with local laws regarding the transporting of firearms. In some areas, it is legal to have a gun safe if you have registered it with Oak Brook as a safety deposit box, but it is not legal to transport the gun in the vehicle unless you are using a licensed moving company that is licensed through your state to transport firearms. Moving a safe by yourself can be dangerous and is not recommended. If you decide to use a professional mover make sure to check references, ask plenty of questions and ensure that they have the skills to safely transport your gun safe.

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The Best Way to Move A Gun Safe If you decided to move your gun safe by yourself it is best to first determine which mode of transportation is best for your safety and if possible the security of your items. If you chose to use stairs to transport your safe it is important to evaluate the incline of your stairs, any nearby stairs and surrounding areas, and any possible obstacles such as ledges, walls or other gaps. Gun safe moving services that offer free consultation and a guarantee for your gun safe moving are often the safest choice. You can also save valuable time and energy if you take advantage of those who offer same day service. Professional gun safe moving service providers will not only transport your safe to your new home, but also to any local loading dock, rental truck lot or storage facility.

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Gun Safe Moving Using Unconventional Methods Many gun safe moving companies use unusual methods, some which may pose a threat to yourself or your belongings if not properly supervised. For example, one popular method is to use double-slats of heavy-duty plywood attached to sturdy two-by-fours placed on the floor next to your safe. These double-slats must be kept together in order to keep the safe balanced while it is being moved, however. If one of the slats became loose during the move, or if it became accidentally pulled during transport, it could cause your gun safe to fall, causing damage to your property. Double-slat moving will only work if the surrounding area is strong enough to support the weight of the fully licensed mover, who must be wearing suitable gear.

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Long Island Gun Safe & Gun Safe Storing If you live on a long island and are looking to relocate your handgun, you may be concerned about how you will safely store it during the move. Storing a long gun inside a gun case doesn’t appeal to many people because they feel unsafe keeping a handgun in their home. That is why many gun owners choose to purchase a gun safe. A gun safe is a metal container that securely stores any long guns. Some safes can be installed with a locking device to further ensure the safety of your valuables.

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Using the Proper Gear When hiring movers, make sure they wear the proper gear for the type of transportation that will be undertaken. In addition, some gun owners prefer to remove their handguns from their homes completely while the moving process takes place. This eliminates the possibility of accidental firing during the moving process. Professional moving companies also recommend that their customers never load or arm their guns while in a moving vehicle.

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Gun safe moving companies can help you with the entire moving process. The professional movers understand the complexities associated with gun safe storage, and they are prepared to handle every aspect of the move. There are several different types of moving services that are available, including gun safe storage, heavy lifting and packing. By using a professional mover, you can ensure the safety of your most valuable possessions, while moving yourself. For the gun owner, it makes sense to research moving services in the area before making any decisions.